Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Exclusive Video Series: Maximizing Your Flea Market & Swap Meet Business

At this year’s ASD Las Vegas show, Merchandiser Group Magazines and FleaMarketZone.com presented targeted tactics for flea market and swap meet vendors seeking to take their businesses to the next level. In this exclusive series, publisher Jeff Dwight gives expert advice on everything from finding the best sources for new hot-selling merchandise to picking the ideal market for your business, and more!

How to Source New Merchandise at the Best Rates

How to Source New Merchandise at the Best Rates

What type of wholesaler should you avoid, and where are the best places to find information about wholesalers? Find out which source serves as a buying guide, and gives tips about trends at the same time. Read the article»

Video: What to Know BEFORE You Buy from a Wholesaler

What to Know BEFORE You Buy from a Wholesaler

Clarifying some of the most common questions associated with wholesale purchasing, Jeff Dwight points out industry views of licenses, payment methods, and how to endear yourself to a wholesaler. Read the article»

Video: Secrets of Wholesale Buying

Secrets of Wholesale Buying

How do you expand your business? Hear how you can make wholesale deals work to your advantage, and sample new products in the process. Read the article»

Video: What's Selling NOW and How to Sell It Fast

What’s Selling NOW and How to Sell It Fast

Directly from the results of the latest PROVENDOR survey, learn what’s selling well RIGHT NOW, and what the top five industry selling categories are. You may be surprised by the number one type of merchandise! Read the article»

Video: Best Practices to Pump Up Your Business

Best Practices to Pump Up Your Business

There are four key points to put into practice if you want to boost sales and streamline business operations. Hint: One surprising tip can help you learn more about your customers with the help of a smart phone. Read the article»

Video: Best-selling Merchandising Techniques

Best-selling Merchandising Techniques

What can you do to make customers feel at home in your booth? These tips help you entice shoppers to make a purchase, whether that customer is looking for something specific or simply exploring the merchandise. Read the article»

Video: Tips and Tricks to Sell, Sell, Sell

Tips and Tricks to Sell, Sell, Sell

How did one handbag vendor sell three times as many handbags as his competitors? Find out as Jeff Dwight demystifies the “art of the deal.” Read the article»

Video: Choosing the best market for your business

Choosing the Best Market for your Business

Here’s our collection of essential things to consider when trying to determine which market is the best fit for your booth. Flea marketing is not just about booth sizes and schedules anymore. Read the article»

Video: Who Runs the Show?

Who Runs the Show?

If you’re new to the flea market business, who should supervise the booth? Is it a good decision to bring employees to the market? Hear our thoughts. Read the article»

Video: Negotiation Tactics for Vendors

Negotiation Tactics for Vendors

There’s one thing every vendor should point out to customers to seal a deal. No vendor can afford to stay in the dark when it comes to this tip! Read the article»