Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lots of Merchandise in Lot Quantities from It’s A Lot Wholesale

It’s A Lot Wholesale offers 40 different categories, selling a diverse selection of merchandise by the lot.

New PBS Reality Show to Feature Flea Market Deals

Jan. 11 – Market Wars will pit antiques dealers against each other as they travel to shops and flea markets to find the best valuables.

New TV show stars dumpster-diving flea market artisans

Aug 9 – In Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Money,” two brothers turn trash into flea treasure. Read more.

The ones who walk away from ‘Antiques Roadshow’

July 7 – Disappointment behind the scenes at the mother of all flea item reality shows. Read more.

Reality star Jimmy Kaplow reveals his secrets for selling

June 17 – On his new reality show, the ‘Flea Man’ coaches newbies on the art of the swap. Read more.

New book investigates flea market culture, business, life

June 16 – Maureen Stanton pulls back the curtain on life as a flea market vendor. Read more.

Anticipation grows for new ‘Flea Man’ show on National Geographic

June 8 – Flea market expert Jimmy Kaplow’s reality show will premier June 17. Read more.

Flea Man reality show debuts June 12 on Nat’l Geographic

May 20 – Veteran vendor Jimmy Kaplow helps swap meet newbies make great deals. Read more.

America’s Next Top Model visits a Moroccan flea market

May 5 – Reality TV show sends contestants to a photo shoot at an outdoor flea market in North Africa. Read more.

LCD TV closeouts offer new opportunities for flea market vendors

April 18 – The Bargain Warehouse offers swap meet sellers guaranteed working units at deeply discounted prices. Read more.

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