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5 Tips to Grow Your Sales

July 7, 2016 by LisaE  
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Flea market and swap meet vendors face the same pressures as every other retailer in the business, including having to compete with online retailers and ecommerce vendors, as well as a plugged-in base of customers who have a universe of choices before them. How can you do better?

How to Sell More, The Smart Way

June 5, 2016 by LisaE  
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To be a successful vendor, you need to sell, sell smart, and sell MORE. So what’s the secret behind becoming a super-star booth owner? Knowing what the shoppers want exactly when they want it.

How to Sell in a Flea Market

February 12, 2014 by Gloria Mellinger  
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Lynn Serafinn shares what she learned about business in her 20 years selling in open-air markets.

How to Select Merchandise That Will Sell

October 10, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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Vendors can be prepared to meet shoppers’ needs with merchandise that has these characteristics.

How to Keep Your Selling Space Fresh and Flexible

September 10, 2013 by publisher  
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Merchandising and marketing changes will help you keep your atmosphere fresh and your visual appeal up to date.

How to Merchandise for Success

July 17, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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In addition to making sure you have the right products for your market, it is essential that you display your merchandise in a way that draws people in.

How to Sell, Sell, Sell

June 18, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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From product buyer to merchandiser to sales person, you have to be on top of all aspects of your game.

How to Tap the Trends: Ideas You Need NOW

January 14, 2013 by Jes Zurell  
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Before another minute of 2013 passes, consider these sales trends and how you might make them work for your flea market business.

How to Sell with Dynamic Demos

January 3, 2013 by Jes Zurell  
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You have less than 30 seconds to capture shoppers’ attention when you demo a product. Does your presentation go the distance? Boost your sales with these tips.

How to Use Markets to Grow Your Business

December 17, 2012 by Jes Zurell  
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By taking advantage of the unique opportunities presented at flea markets, you can boost profits and solidify sales both at and away from the table.

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