Monday, December 10, 2018

New Market in the Snowbelt

A third-generation flea market manager opens a new flea market near the shore of Lake Ontario in time for the holiday season.

Winter Market Opening in Troy

Tight Knit opens its first Winter Market in upstate New York this Saturday in its latest of several growth spurts.

New Pegasus Plaza Outdoor Market takes flight in October

Sept. 22 – Weekly central Dallas flea market, created by a community group and another outdoor market, will target downtown office workers. Read more.

Florida town fights new LA Vendors’ Flea Market, tries to take it over

Sept. 21 – Local retailers are forming an association to run the swap meet in Lake Alfred, but city elders have other plans. Read more.

New swap meet revs engines at former auto dealership

Sept. 20 – The Parkway Flea Market covers 30,000 square feet where cars were once on display in Adairsville, Ga. Read more.

Professional beekeeper launches a flea market

Sept. 19 – Larry Dickson is attracting vendors to his sweet new market in Camas, Wash. Read more.

Banker and garage sale fan starts flea market to boost local economy

Sept. 15 – Kent Wollenhaupt sees his Wapello Flea Market as a way to make a buck and help his Iowa community. Read more.

Local regs kill one flea market in Arizona, and another rises in its place

September 14, 2011 by Michael Alterio  
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Sept. 14. – A swap meet vendor rescues a market the Kingman City Council shot down. Read more.

Fleeing bad weather, jewelry vendor starts flea market at a nightclub

Sept. 14 – The new Flea Market Madness swap meet in Philadelphia has grown to 26 vendors at its indoor venue. Read more.

Retired couple launches indoor consignment-style flea market

Sept. 12 – Sharon and Wayne Ralph changed their garden center into an indoor market in Kansas. Read more

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