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How to Upcycle

June 25, 2012 by Jes Zurell  
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Upcycling is a creative recycling trend that has taken the antique, vintage and flea market worlds by storm.

Canton Flea Market Has Second Growth Spurt

The Canton Flea Market in upstate New York has grown twice in just a few months.

Portland Flea-For-All Receives Entreverge Award

Event recognizes businesses and supports programs that leverage the leadership of greater Portland, Maine’s economic community.

Norwich Flea Market Goes Outdoors

Norwich Flea Market’s 120 outdoor spaces are available now through October.

Jeweler launches Parkdale Vendors Market in Toronto

July 15 – Jewelry creator’s flea market caters to crafters and local businesses. Read more.

Another flea grows in Brooklyn

June 14 – New upscale Northside Market has over 30 art and hand-crafted product vendors signed for its June 25 launch. Read more.

Greenhouse effect heats up sales at market held in a nursery

March 14 – Minnesota’s new Flea Market Under Glass takes place in an actual greenhouse. Read more.

Arts flea market in Maryland seeks to expand

Feb. 21 – The Fenton Street Market in Silver Spring has submitted a proposal to start a new market nearby on a trial basis. Read more.

New village president starts farmer, craft market in Minn.

Feb. 3 – Elected in November, Kalkaska president Jeff Sieting plans to be a vendor at the new market too. Read more.

Costume jewelry wholesaler makes bid for vendor business

January 28, 2011 by Michael Alterio  
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Jan. 28 – E-mart says flea market and swap meet pros like its low prices and easy communication. Read more.

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