Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Merchant Protection Plan (MPP) Liability Program Protects You and Your Business

Cornerstone Agency Services

Thank you for responding!

It’s our pleasure at and the Merchandiser Media Group to partner with the Cornerstone Agency Services to bring you a valuable new insurance option.

As a vendor at a swap meet, flea market, or fair/festival, your booth business depends on strong customer traffic – and a safe shopping environment. These new insurance policy options will allow you protect your business from accidents and mishaps, all in a way that was never before available!

Please fill in the information requested below (required fields marked with *). Once submitted, a Cornerstone Agency Services representative will follow up with you via telephone to complete the process. If you have any questions on the policy details, the Cornerstone rep will be able to cover them all during the follow up telephone call.

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  • Cornerstone Agency Services is the exclusive insurance agent for the Flea Market Merchant Protection Plan (MPP).

    Please note all customer service, policies and inquiries will be administered and directed by the Cornerstone Operations Group.