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Rebalance and Refuel Your Body with GoGreen Hemp Products

August 14, 2018 by krystinam  
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CBD products from GoGreen Hemp provide a natural way to relieve stress and increase overall happiness. All of their stock is made in Colorado with organically grown hemp extract using high quality ingredients that are sure to leave your customers satisfied. Instead of relying on painkillers, GoGreen Hemp products are a better alternative for relieving pain. “I blew out my ankle two-and-a-half years ago and I needed surgery,” says Romas Marcinkevicius, founder of GoGreen Hemp. “After surgery I was on painkillers and I was trying to get off... 

QMT Windchimes: The Perfect Finishing Touch of the Summer Season

August 9, 2018 by mbrophy  
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We’re in the dog days of summer and people across the country are savoring the final stretch of breezy summer nights, enjoying time outdoors with friends and family, and relishing moments in the garden they’ve labored over all season long. There’s no better time to add an elegant wind chime: the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor space. Make your last push for summer sales soar or stock up on a popular holiday gifting item. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this classic and artistic home décor piece. “Right now people are dressing... 

Walk On Water With Jandals, the Jesus Sandals

August 2, 2018 by krystinam  
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Being comfortable has never been so stylish. Jandals, or Jesus sandals, are native to Hawaii and have been popular with consumers all over the world, including some famous stars. These waterproof wonders are known for their durability and comfort while also providing a chic look to any outfit. Jandals have been an incredibly popular style in Hawaii for almost 35 years. D&T Distribution, Inc. partnered with Pali Hawaii, creator of Jandals, about 20 years ago to bring this product to the mainland United States. Ryan Meehan, CEO of D&T Distribution,... 

Inspirational Jewelry By KIS Jewelry

July 31, 2018 by krystinam  
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For twenty-nine years, KIS Jewelry has made inspirational products for their customers to feel beautiful on the outside, and also for them to know the loving message hidden on the inside. Phrases such as “I am loved,” “You are strong,” and “You’ve got this” are engraved on these unique pieces for shoppers to gift or to keep for themselves. “I’m a last-minute shopper, and I could never find what I was looking for at other retailers,” said Abbie Rapport, owner of KIS Jewelry, about how she started the company. “I made something... 

Best-Selling Home and Health Products from Vapor-Eze

July 12, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Vapor-Eze has been a leader in high-quality healthcare and home products since 1992. Power Industries is a family owned business based in Illinois that manufactures and distributes vaporizers, waterless vaporizers, humidifiers, aromatherapy diffusers, air purifiers, chest rubs, and auto diffusers for the home and automotive marketplace under the brand name Vapor-Eze. They also manufacture filters, essential oils, refill products, accessories, and replacement parts for all of these products. Stephen Power, president of Power Industries says, “Our... 

Animal Hats by

July 5, 2018 by krystinam  
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The holiday season is approaching fast and it’s time to start thinking about gifts to stock up on. Buy4Store, a general merchandise wholesaler, has you covered. They offer every type of product you can think of such as toys, phone accessories, hats, mosaic lamps, scarves, and so much more. No matter what type of products you sell, Buy4Store can provide whatever you need. Their inventory is constantly being updated so there’s always something new to buy. One of their newest products is the animal hat, which comes in two adorable designs: a unicorn... 

Heshy’s Freshies: Simply Natural Skin Care

May 22, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Linda Heshelmen started making the products now known as Heshy’s Freshies about two years ago. Her 16-year-old daughter and friends loved using trendy bath bombs, but were disappointed with the results and even experiencing adverse reactions such as infections, dry skin, brittle hair, breakouts, and more. Linda thought, “How can I let these girls enjoy bath bombs without the fear of being hurt?” And from that thought, Heshy’s Freshies was born. After much trial and error, Linda perfected her homemade bath bomb recipe that was bubbly and... 

Cowboy Hats from Western Express

May 17, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Western Express is a family owned wholesale distributor that offers a wide range of country western merchandise including their signature cowboy hats. Cowboy hats are top sellers in the spring and summer months. Resellers can also stock their booths with Western Express’ western jewelry and gift items. Many of their products are made in the United States. Products are always in stock, order minimums are low, and turnaround times are quick. For more information visit Western Express 300 Villani Drive Bridgeville, PA 15017 Tel.... 

CBD Miracle Nutritional Products

May 8, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a natural substance that has recently come into the spotlight for many reasons, explains Stacy Self, VP of marketing and business development at Miracle Nutritional Products. CBD comes from the hemp plant and is used to aid in relaxation, pain relief, and as a natural anti-inflammatory. “The substance is rising in popularity, as numerous people are reporting success in using CBD to reach the desired state of calm, relaxation, and pain relief,” says Stacy. Forbes magazine has reported the growth rate of CBD... 

Ramson’s Imports

April 24, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Established in 1971, and celebrating over 45 years of service, Ramson’s is a family owned and operated company supplying other wholesalers and distributors of general merchandise such as bandanas, Confederate items, convenience store, crystals, display racks, fans, flags, hats, jewelry, key chains, lapel pins, leather products, licensed products, magnets, roses, signs metal/plastic, sunglasses, tattoos, thermometers, watches, wrap hats, and thousands of other items. The company offers hundreds of great products, all of which can be... 

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