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Lightload Towels

July 18, 2017 by mbrophy  
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You never know what life will throw at you. Lightload Towels are a useful impulse buy for any shopper to keep in their purse, car, backpack, or first aid kit. They are extremely lightweight, compact, and made out of a bio-based cellulose material that is extra absorbent. Lightload founder George Wheeler says the towel, “is the most absorbent material you can buy.” These convenient expanding towels come in handy year round in gym bags, as fire starters, and as cold-weather insulators. They are especially popular during the summer months for outdoor... 

Personal Touch Products: Custom Gifts, High Margins

July 6, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Personal Touch Products offer flea, fair, and festival vendors a unique opportunity to create and sell completely customized and meaningful gifts. Their three signature software programs allow vendors to print one-of-a-kind art products detailing first and last name meanings and origins, family coat of arms, and pet mementos for customers on the spot. Using your computer and the unique software and supplies offered by this company, you can create a wide variety of beautiful gift items including framed and matted keepsakes, jewelry boxes, mouse pads,... 

R&M Wholesale

June 13, 2017 by mbrophy  
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R&M Wholesale is a one-stop shop for general merchandise. The Ohio-based wholesaler carries everything from apparel, accessories, jewelry, electronic accessories, home goods, kitchenware, seasonal items, pet supply, and outdoor goods. Their newest and current best-selling items are the fidget spinners. Shannon Miller of R&M says they are by far “the hottest item.” R&M offers all different kinds of fidget spinners including glow in the dark, printed, metal, and plastic models in various shapes and styles. Outside of the fidget spinner... 

The Magic Scarf: Always in Style

June 6, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Ralph Magwood started The Magic Scarf Co. in 1993, making everything by hand in Massachusetts. The product took off and “we couldn’t make the product as fast as we were selling it.” Magwood says today The Magic Scarf is known for finding products “that have some life in them and taking it to a new dimension.” Their flagship product, the original Magic Scarf was at first available in just nine colors. “We brought it to over 100 colors and color combinations,” says Magwood. “It turned into a huge phenomenon.” Now, almost 25 years... 

Morgan Imports: The One Stop Shop for Outdoor Comfort Items

April 25, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Morgan Imports was founded in 2007 with their original line of Pump Bottle Misters. Company co-founder and CFO Debby Morgan notes she and her husband have a long history of selling in flea markets and swap meets. After taking a break from the industry, they came back and created the Pump Bottle Mister with the simple idea of creating comfort at outdoor events. “It seems like such a simple idea, but knowing the industry and knowing how hot it can get, we knew these would be extremely popular,” says Morgan. “Especially if you prefill them with...