Friday, June 22, 2018

CBD Miracle Nutritional Products

May 8, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a natural substance that has recently come into the spotlight for many reasons, explains Stacy Self, VP of marketing and business development at Miracle Nutritional Products. CBD comes from the hemp plant and is used to aid in relaxation, pain relief, and as a natural anti-inflammatory. “The substance is rising in popularity, as numerous people are reporting success in using CBD to reach the desired state of calm, relaxation, and pain relief,” says Stacy. Forbes magazine has reported the growth rate of CBD... 

BSI Products: The Mark of Quality and Value

April 17, 2018 by mbrophy  
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BSI Products offers a broad assortment of licensed novelty sports products including 3’x5’ flags, banners, car flags, garden flags, wind socks, balloon spinners, melamine trays, children’s dish sets, BBQ sets, spatulas, parking signs, steering wheel covers, headrest covers, drink ware and much more. Their sports licensed products include NFL®, NHL®, MLB®, Collegiate, NASCAR®, Indy® and GM®. They also have a variety of military licensed products. BSI licensed novelty products can be found at Home Depot®, Academy®, Harris Teeter® and... 

New Impulse and Convenience Buys for Spring

April 10, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Above all else, the most influential factor for flea market purchasing decisions is price. Shoppers look to flea markets for low prices and unbeatable bargains. To profitably sell your wares at prices below the competition, you’ll have to be discerning when selecting suppliers and products. Choosing wholesalers who specialize in discount, dollar, and convenience merchandise is a smart move for sellers in the value priced retail space. If you’re purchasing from a wholesaler who offers products specifically for dollar, discount, or convenience... 

Mountain and Prairie Candle Company: Handcrafted Scents for Every Occasion

March 8, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Whether you’re gearing up for a busy tourist season or looking to turn over a new product leaf, Mountain and Prairie Candle Company has what you’re looking for. This candle manufacturer supplies fresh, potent fragrances in single fragrance containers, triple fragrance layers, votives, pillars, wax melts, and wickless candles for warmers. Lorrie Underwood, the owner of Mountain and Prairie Candle Company, tells The Merchandiser Group, “As we go into summer, floral fragrances are more popular.” Their Lilac candle is one of their most beloved... 

FreshandWipe® Air Fresheners are The Clear Choice

November 10, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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In 2012 Cooper Product was founded with the goal of creating innovative products for the automotive and technology industries. FreshandWipe® air fresheners are mass-market air fresheners that offer an innovative dual function: a popular fragrance and screen cleaner. Christopher Cooper, the founder of Cooper Product, describes the FreshandWipe® as a “microfiber cleaner for your navigation screen and a wonderful fragrance for your car’s interior.” The genesis of the idea came from the Department of Transportation safety requirement of equipping...