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Fidget Spinner Spiral

August 18, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Are fidget spinners disappearing as quickly as they came? Answer: Not likely. Last May, the gadgets were the subject of national news as schools around the country started banning or supporting fidget spinners. Google searches and YouTube videos for fidget spinners reached an all-time high that same month. Nearly every vendor was quick to jump on this trend as the affordable plastic toys took over pop culture Like any other craze that sweeps through our nation’s middle schools, fidget spinner teen madness can’t last forever. But, that doesn’t... 

Sourcing Wholesale Products

August 15, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Whether you’re a veteran flea vendor or new to the game, it’s always a good idea to brush up on wholesale terminology. Our industry is rapidly evolving and there are many types of wholesale sources to purchase products from. The Merchandiser has broken down common terminology and major types of wholesale suppliers to help clear the air. Cash-and-Carry Wholesalers As the name implies, these wholesalers take upfront payment only for their goods. These types of wholesalers are most often found at trade shows focusing on apparel and fashion accessories.... 

Profit with Pet Products

August 10, 2017 by mbrophy  
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It’s no secret that people splurge for their pets. Though the United States economy was unstable for many years, according to Pet Age, “There has been one sector serving as a solid backbone for the country — the pet industry.  Driven by people who see pets as family members and strive to improve their lives on a daily basis, the industry has accounted for a whopping $66 billion in consumer spending since the conclusion of 2016.” Not just pet spending, but pet ownership is rising too. The number of “pet parents” has reached 84.6 million... 

Crazy for Crazy Loops

August 8, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Sheri Weinhold created Crazy Loops just a few years ago. She was attending a breast cancer walk and wanted to decorate her shoes to show support. However, she couldn’t find anything other than plain ribbon. So, Sherri took a silicone bracelet and attached it to her shoes with a safety pin. “It really gained a lot of attention,” says Sherri. “So I filed a patent for the design, and from there Crazy Loops really took off.” Crazy Loops are fun silicone charms that can decorate sneakers, backpacks, key rings, binders; the options are nearly... 

Back to School Sales Skyrocket

August 3, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Back to school is a critical time for vendors.  According to RSM, an accounting and consulting firm, back to school sales account for 15 – 20 percent of total retail sales for the year, second to only the holiday season. This means back to school sales are an important benchmark for meeting revenue goals, and a great opportunity to make more sales. The National Retail Federation announced back to college spending is to reach an all-time high this year, while back to school spending is expected to see its second-highest spending level on record.... 

SJT Introduces New Stone Coasters

August 1, 2017 by mbrophy  
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SJT Enterprises, a 32 year consumer products company, announces the addition of absorbent stone coasters. Known as a leader in decorative wood signs, SJT will now have thousands of stone coasters featuring their best-selling dog breed, every day, and destination designs including styles that can be name dropped with your location. All coasters measure nearly 4” x 4” in size and are printed and packaged in the USA. Vendors have three buying options. Coasters are available for $1.35 in bulk purchases, $2 for 1-pack with easel, or $5.50 for a... 

Randolph Street Market Presents the Chicago Antique Market

July 31, 2017 by mbrophy  
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The Randolph Street Market Festival is home to the world-renowned Chicago Antique Market, Indie Designer Market, Modern Vintage Chicago and the Holiday Market. As seen in Travel & Leisure, the NY Times, Lucky Magazine and featured on TV news shows and web casts, the Randolph Street Market Festival is considered “a mecca of cool,” “the best hot spot for antiquing,” “the best Chicago venue for people watching,” and “the Barney’s of Vintage.” Celebrity designer Nate Berkus says, “I love this market…the quality is incredible!”... 

Recycled Glass Gifts

July 27, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Aurora Glass Whimsical and charming glass décor will draw curious market shoppers as the rich colors shimmer in the sunlight and wind chimes tinkle in the breeze. Aurora Glass Foundry creates beautiful and one-of-a-kind glass decorations and home items from 100% recycled glass. All profits from Aurora Glass go towards charitable endeavors including helping homeless and low-income communities in Lake County, Oregon through emergency services, housing, jobs, and more. Aurora Glass also has an environmental mission, seeking to reduce the amount of... 

Bug Off Screen: Over Two Million Sold

July 25, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Bug Off Screen is a frameless, hassle-free screen curtain that easily installs in the doorframe without any tools and in as little as five minutes. The instant screen is made out of quality, made in USA mesh and magnets that keep the bugs out of the house, let fresh air in, and provide hands-free entry and exit for families and pets. Bug Off Screen has been recognized as the instant screen leader for more than 20 years because of its durable quality, friendly customer service, and original patented design. Brook Branning of Bug Off Screen offers... 

The Benefits of Bamboo

July 25, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Over the past few years, bamboo pillows and linens have taken over the textile industry. According to Google Trends, bamboo pillows’ popularity has surpassed traditional down pillows. But what’s behind the hype? Environmentally Friendly Bamboo is actually a tropical grass with an extensive root system. Many species of bamboo can grow two feet or more per day. When it is harvested, the extensive root system naturally replenishes new shoots, unlike other materials that need to be replanted. Bamboo shoots also take in greenhouse gases and emit... 

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