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New Age Discoveries Easy-Charge Cables

October 16, 2014 by corrynh  
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New Age Discoveries, launched in 2001, focuses on supplying vendors the hottest, best selling products on the market. Its latest introductions include the Easy-Charge Cable and braided 10-foot charge cables perfect for impulse and holiday buys. The Easy-Charge Cable works with nearly all cell phones, including Android, Blackberry and Apple; iPods, iPads and tablets, MP3 and GPS, and more. This single cable is about nine inches long, has three ends, and eliminates the need to search for multiple cables to charge different devices. “It’s one of... 

Handmade in the U.S.A. Soap From The Soap Guy

September 30, 2014 by corrynh  
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The Soap Guy, launched by Jeff Dorrian in 2002, continually strives to make unique, quality items that incorporate products from nearby farms. Additionally, everything is made in Northwest Indiana and none of the items are imported. To get the rich lather these soaps provide, for example, Dorrian uses oil from locally grown soy and corn, rather than the imported palm oil commonly used by other soap makers. Activated charcoal soap The Soap Guy’s newest product is their “black soap” made from activated charcoal. “The idea behind using activated... 

Profits Abound in Selling Personal Security

September 23, 2014 by corrynh  
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Safety Technology makes selling security products easy and profitable. The 28 year-old company is a drop-ship wholesaler of non-lethal self-defense products, hidden cameras, and surveillance systems. Their product lineup includes popular stun guns, pepper spray, custom-made hidden camera units, and security systems ranging from single camera systems to more complex multi-camera systems with DVRs. Authorized dealer’s need for security results in success David Brackman has been selling Safety Technology products to consumers since 2008 after a 24-year... 

Orange County Market Place Contract Extended

September 3, 2014 by corrynh  
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The Orange County Fair Board approved an agreement with Tel Phil Enterprises, owner of the Orange County Market Place, to keep the weekend swap meet around for two more decades. Tel Phil Enterprises Inc. agreed to pay $43.7 million in rent over the next 20 years. Contract terms include an initial 10-year period and 10-year option, and call for the company to pay $1 million for capital improvements during each 10-year period. Started in 1969 as a small-scale operation called Trash and Treasures, the swap meet now includes nearly 1,000 merchants and... 

Asia America Wholesale Show: Change Direction Now Go South

August 27, 2014 by corrynh  
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The Asia America Wholesale Show now in its 6th year has a new slogan for 2015: Change Direction Now Go South. With two shows a year, one April 21-23 and the second in September of 2015, the South is coming to Miami. The fastest growing markets right now are South and Central American, the Caribbean, South Florida and the Southeast U.S. markets. Companies that want to get an edge on new buyers, importers, retailers and distributors are investing at the Asia America Wholesale Shows for future growth. Buyers from Central and South America, the Caribbean... 

3 Social Media Tips For Vendors

August 13, 2014 by corrynh  
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Social media can be used to interact with existing customers and find new business. Here are three quick tips to implement now: 1. Engage in two-way conversation. Ask questions and give your opinion on things to spark discussion and interact with your followers and target audience. 2. Have proper responses. Don’t just say “thank you” in response to comments. Personalize them by referring to the person by name. 3. Be a little weird. Take risks and post content that may get a laugh or two from your audience and prompt them to share.  Read More →

How to Raise Revenue With Gift Cards

August 7, 2014 by corrynh  
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By Mary Donovan, Retail Gift Card Association Americans love giving and receiving gift cards. They are always in demand and present significant incremental sales opportunities. According to a biannual consumer survey of 1,100 US consumers by the Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA), convenience and choice make gift cards and certificates extremely popular among consumers, making this a potential revenue source for vendors. Key findings include: Gift cards get shoppers to purchase more. 72 percent do some shopping for themselves when purchasing... 

Neighborhood Summer Flea Market

August 6, 2014 by corrynh  
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The town of Manchester’s Office of Neighborhoods and Families is putting on the East Side Neighborhood Summer Flea Market this Saturday, August 9 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The outdoor community based flea market will feature 30+ vendors and a multitude of items for sale. There will be video games and equipment, jewelry (hand crafted & manufactured), household items large and small, clothing, art, antique tools, lawn care equipment and even a nail artist. Admission is free, as well as secured parking and restrooms on the premises.... 

Vendor Tech Use Grows in 2014

August 5, 2014 by corrynh  
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Internet use continues to trend up as flea market and swap meet vendors and managers become increasingly tech savvy, according to the 2014 State of the Flea Market Industry survey conducted by Sumner Communications (SCIR 2014). Almost three-quarters of the vendors surveyed (67.9 percent) said they prefer to order online, over the phone or through email, and 44.3 percent consider product ads or searches on wholesale websites to be the best source for finding new merchandise. The 2014 State of the Flea Market Industry survey also found that the majority... 

Alltex Imports Inc. Socks, Towels & Apparel

July 10, 2014 by corrynh  
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Alltex Imports Inc. is proud to offer a line of imported socks, terry towels, and apparel to the retail trade. Based in Addison, Illinois, Alltex was created in 2009 as a one-stop shop for retailers who sell sports socks, any kind of towels (including kitchen, bath, and hand towels), tee shirts, and sweatshirts. The company’s goods are 100 percent cotton or poly blend. Customization and licensed options Founded by company President Mike Motan, Alltex adds value to its raw products with customization and embroidery work. Value added touches... 

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