Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Why Advertise?

Place your ad in front of over 100,000 active Flea Market and Swap Meet Vendors, Dealers, and Distributors each month!

The Merchandiser Group has well-established relationships with every major new merchandise flea market and swap meet in America. Each and every month these markets distribute our magazines to the active, operating, vendors currently doing business! We also have regular bonus distributions throughout the year to BUYERS at the largest tradeshows in the industry! Every magazine we print gets into the hands of product hungry, active buyers every single month.

As a Merchandiser Group advertiser, you have the power to target as broad or narrow a geographic region as you would like WITH THE CHOICE OF East Coast, Midwest, and Western Merchandiser magazines. Place your ad in one or two regions, or run a national campaign. We offer a variety of ad sizes, colors, and placement options to fit any advertising budget.

A professional account executive will work with you to plan a campaign that gets results! You can supply your own ad material, or have our designers create an ad for you. The Merchandiser Group is the industry leader because we provide a level of quality and professionalism that is unmatched. These elements add up to greater return on your investment.


Generating Orders Every Single Month for Years

“I’ve been advertising a full page or two every month in the Merchandiser Magazines for years and we get sales because of the ads every single month. They work for us!”

Tim Smith, Owner and CEO,
SJT Enterprises, Inc.

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