Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ad Specifications

Merchandiser Group ad sizes

Guidelines for Supplying Ad on Disk or Via E-mail

Email ad material to
If you are unsure about your files please contact us first: 1-800-999-8281 ext. 103
FTP site available by request.

  1. Files may be supplied to us on:
    CD-Rom, DVD, or Email to Large Files can be submitted using
  2. Files may be provided in a program we support:
    – version CS3 or lower
    – version CS3 or lower
    – version CS3 or lower

    Ads submitted must include all image files, artwork and any fonts used.

    • Images must be set at 170dpi or higher,
    • Photos from websites will not print well, if you have original photos submit them.
    • 4 Color Ads should be submitted with all colors and images in CMYK for printing.
    • Fonts MUST be included on disk with the ad.
  3. Finished ads may be provided in a format we support:
    PDF – 1st choice, we can also accept EPS, TIFF, and JPG. Files made with Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign should be FLATTENED before being sent to us. PDFs MUST have all fonts embedded.
  4. Emailed ads MUST be received no later than the day before the deadline:
    Large ads with multiple files should be provided on disk.
    Email is not perfect, large files may not come through correctly.
    If in doubt, submit ad on disk or original material. FTP access provided by request.
  5. Files submitted in other formats CAN NOT BE USED. These include: Microsoft Word, Corel, Canvas, Publisher, Macdraw, Word Perfect, Excel or any type of Web Design software.

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