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Merchandiser Magazines Media Kit

Merchandiser Media Kit

Download the Merchandiser Magazines Media Kit (PDF format).

Why Advertise?

Place your ad in front of over 100,000 active Flea Market and Swap Meet Vendors, Dealers, and Distributors each month!

The Merchandiser Group has well-established relationships with every major new merchandise flea market and swap meet in America. Each and every month these markets distribute our magazines to the active, operating, vendors currently doing business! We also have regular bonus distributions throughout the year to BUYERS at the largest tradeshows in the industry! Every magazine we print gets into the hands of product hungry, active buyers every single month.

As a Merchandiser Group advertiser, you have the power to target as broad or narrow a geographic region as you would like WITH THE CHOICE OF East Coast, Midwest, and Western Merchandiser magazines. Place your ad in one or two regions, or run a national campaign. We offer a variety of ad sizes, colors, and placement options to fit any advertising budget.

A professional account executive will work with you to plan a campaign that gets results! You can supply your own ad material, or have our designers create an ad for you. The Merchandiser Group is the industry leader because we provide a level of quality and professionalism that is unmatched. These elements add up to greater return on your investment.


Generating Orders Every Single Month for Years

“I’ve been advertising a full page or two every month in the Merchandiser Magazines for years and we get sales because of the ads every single month. They work for us!”

Tim Smith, Owner and CEO,
SJT Enterprises, Inc.

To read more testimonials, click here.

Ad Specifications

Merchandiser Group ad sizes

Guidelines for Supplying Ad on Disk or Via E-mail

Email files to
Large files can be sent via
FTP access provided by request.

Emailed ads MUST be received no later than the day before deadline.

Files may be provided in a program we support:

  • Illustrator: Version CS6 or lower
  • Photoshop: Version CS6 or lower
  • InDesign: Version CS6 or lower

Ads submitted must include all image files, artwork and any fonts used.

  • Images must be sent at 170 dpi or higher.
  • Photos from websites will not print well, if you have original photos, please submit them.
  • Four color ads should be submitted with all colors in CMYK for printing.
  • Fonts MUST be included with the ad.

Finished ads may be provided in a format we support:
PDF files: must have all fonts embedded.
We can also accept EPS, TIFF, JPG.
Files made with Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign should be FLATTENED before being sent to us.     
Files submitted in other formats CAN NOT BE USED. These include: Microsoft Word, Corel, Canvas, Publisher, Excel or any type of web design software.

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Ad Rates

East Coast Merchandiser Magazine is distributed/circulated in the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia

Midwest Merchandiser Magazine is distributed/circulated in the following states: Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Canada

Western Merchandiser Magazine is distributed/circulated in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Merchandiser Magazine Rates 2016

*Call for pricing on other advertising options; ProVendor promotions, banners, sponsorships, polybag/insert options.

2019 Editorial Calendar

Leverage Timely Topics and Key Trade Show Distributions

• 2019 Directory of Wholesalers

• Style Trends for 2019
• How to Acquire Holiday Returns
*Art Deadline December 18

ASD MarketweekLA Value Market
• Apparel

Fashion Accessories, Offprice in Las Vegas, LA Mart Issue
• Spring Preparations
• ASD Marketweek Preview
*Art Deadline January 22

• Spring Closeouts and Liquidations
• Offprice Recap
*Art Deadline February 19

• Health & Wellness

ASD Product Recap
• Market Profile, Mother’s Day Sales
*Art Deadline March 26

• Directory of Flea Markets, & Industry Report

• Father’s Day Sales
*Art Deadline April 23

JUNEASD Marketweek
• Souvenir and Summer Products

• Forth of July Sales
*Art Deadline May 21

• Online Top 100

• Market Profile
*Art Deadline June 18

AUGUSTOffprice Show
• Back to School
• Fall Fairs and Festivals
• Army Navy Military Expo
• OFFPRICE Las Vegas
*Art Deadline July 23


• Asia America Wholesale ShowAsia America Wholesale Show
• Fall Closeouts and Liquidations

• Technology Trends, Halloween Prep
*Art Deadline August 20

• Gift and Toy Trends

• Black Friday / Cyber Monday Readiness
• Thanksgiving Holiday Prep
*Art Deadline September 24

• Holiday Forecast

• Small Business Saturday
*Art Deadline October 22

• 2020 Trade Show Calendar

• Army Navy Military Expo, Vender Profile
*Art Deadline November 19

Why editorial is important to advertisers:

Editorial provides buyers with news and information that is pertinent to their businesses. This aspect of a magazine informs, entertains and builds a “reader-relationship” between the magazine and buyer that maintains the buyer’s interest in using the magazine regularly.

This means trade magazines provide the advertiser with “a highly visible, highly trusted environment for your message.” This is why buyers rank trade publications above salespeople, trade shows, directories and direct mail as having the most influence on buying decisions. Editorial also ensures buyers spend more time with the periodical and share it with other buyers. Both of these elements increase the exposure of the ads and generate greater response to them.

For more than 25 years The Merchandiser Media Group has been the only true editorial voice of the new merchandise flea market industry. Each month, in addition to our regular news, we run a full length feature article on important product categories in the general merchandise industry. These lines are prominently featured on the front cover of the magazine with full color pictures and a headline referring to the article on the topic. The articles include information on industry trends, hot items, quotes from industry players, and more. The objective is to inform the buyers who read The Merchandiser Media Group and heighten interest in the featured product lines.

Look Inside

Merchandiser magazines are available here in digital form. Click on the cover graphic to open each issue.

December 2018 East Coast Merchandiser Magazine

Look Inside

December 2018 Midwest Merchandiser Magazine

Look Inside

December 2018 Western Merchandiser Magazine

Look Inside

To request ad space in the next issue of Merchandiser Magazine, please complete the form below, and click the submit button.

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Place your ad in front of over 150,000 active Flea Market and Swap Meet Vendors, Dealers, and Distributors each month!
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  • A signed contract is required to achieve a 6x or 12x rate.
  • Earned frequency discounts are not retroactive.
  • Cancellation of any ad must be in writing and received by the 1st of the month preceding the ad. Advertisers will be short-rated to the earned frequency and billed accordingly if cancelled prior to the end of the contract.

Buyer Research Data

Buyer Research Data


Real Circulation–Quality Response–Professional Service

Don’t take our word for it–Listen to our advertisers, market partners and readers!

Write your own testimonial

Tremendous Exposure and Sales Partner

“Merchandiser Magazines and have been great marketing partners for The Bargain Warehouse. We benefit not only from tremendous exposure but also residual business that comes from issues that remain distributed in the marketplace, sometimes even months afterward. The marketing reps are always in touch with me to make sure our ads are working and offering design and content suggestions. We consider them a big part of our strategy and success and highly recommend them both”

Gerry Hunt, VP Marketing,
The Bargain Warehouse

Generating Orders Every Single Month for Years

“I’ve been advertising a full page or two every month in the Merchandiser Magazines for years and we get sales because of the ads every single month. They work for us!”

Tim Smith, Owner and CEO,
SJT Enterprises, Inc.

Vendors Love The Magazine

“Our vendors like your magazine because you have a lot of places they can order from and they’re in our time zone for better freight charges.”

Cathy Wright, Manager
Farmington Flea Market, Farmington, NM

Dealers Look Forward to Magazine Shipment

“Our dealers look forward to the magazines each month- they start asking for them even before my new shipment comes in!”

Reba Harris
Log Cabin Flea, Dickson, TN

Online Sales Have Doubled

“The Merchandiser Group is definitely one of the best things that has ever happened to ETS DESIGN. We have seen great results since the very beginning. We have been advertising with The Merchandiser Group for one year now, and our online sales have doubled. There is no question that ETS DESIGN will continue to advertise with The Merchandiser Group.”

Susan Liu
ETS Design

Effective Advertising Program

“We have been advertising regularly with the Merchandiser magazines for about 3 years. The marketing investment we make with the Merchandiser Group is vital to our business. The marketplace is a very profitable and reliable source of sales revenue for Duke Imports. And, the customer service and expertise the staff provides to us is second to none. They really care about our success.”

Marty Kirkendall
Duke Imports

Generates New and Repeat Business

“I have been running ads in The Merchandiser Group Magazines for over five years. I started with a 1/3 page ad in the Midwest Merchandiser, and based on the great response, have grown to a full page ad in East Coast, Midwest and Western Merchandisers. My advertising with The Merchandiser Group generates new and repeat business every month and has been a tremendous source of increased sales for Trendy Creations. I look forward to much continued success with The Merchandiser Group.”

Almas Allaudin
Trendy Creations

The Best Results

“We are very pleased with the service we have received from the Merchandiser Magazines. We have been advertising for 5 years now and will continue. The staff has been so awesome in providing us with all the attention and guidance we need.  In the beginning we just wanted to try it out and we immediately saw great results.  Our phone rings at all times and we always get new customers.  We don’t do much advertising anywhere else because we never get the same results we do with the Merchandiser magazines.  During the years that we have advertised in the Merchandiser, we have generated a big increase in our customer base.”

Veronica Perez
Simon USA Group, Inc

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