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FleaMarketZone serves the national flea market and swap meet industry by offering news, advice, and networking opportunities to market managers, vendors, and other industry professionals. We feature daily news, how-to articles, and information on suppliers and new products. As the online arm of Merchandiser Group magazines, we have more than 20 years of experience and contacts in the business. Our editorial mission is to give industry professionals the information they need and to provide the best community and resource Web site available. Our mission also includes advocacy and an editorial position that takes a stand in favor of the profession.

We welcome news tips, comments, feedback, and advertising inquiries from readers. For editorial contacts, please e-mail content editor Gloria Mellinger at Other inquiries are welcome.

The Merchandiser Group is the largest publisher of general merchandise magazines in the United States. The Merchandiser Group magazines specifically target the vendors of new merchandise at swap meets and flea markets across the country, as well as the distributors that serve them. The Merchandiser Group, consisting of the East Coast, Midwest, and Western Merchandiser magazines, reaches over 100,000 of these buyers each month … far and away the largest circulation of any publication in the industry. Market buyers use the magazine as their primary merchandise source. Wholesalers have been running ads in Merchandiser Group magazines for more than 20 years, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in new sales each month.

The Merchandiser Group magazines ship in bulk directly to market offices, through agreements with the market managers. The offices in turn distribute the magazines to vendors when they pay for their booths. This ensures that every copy of the magazine is going directly to an active wholesale buyer, with no wasted circulation. In areas of heavy concentrations of markets, or in cases where the market will not distribute the magazines for us, we have distributors on staff who travel market-to-market and booth-to-booth to hand deliver the magazine. The Merchandiser Group magazines feature circulation that is two to five times greater than any competing publication. There are three to five times as many advertisers in the Merchandiser Group as any other publication in the industry, and more advertising dollars are spent with the Merchandiser Group every month than with all other vehicles combined.

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