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Don’t Miss the 21st Annual NFMA Conference

January 4, 2019 by krystinam  
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Flea markets are very important — not only in providing jobs to thousands of people, but also in helping aid local economies. Small businesses are what help to keep the overall economy up and running, having a much bigger impact on cities and states rather than larger companies who do business around the world. In addition, the federal government recognizes flea markets as a regulated form of retail business and permanently includes them in the national census for purposes of determining the country’s gross national product (GNP). This is why we have to keep flea markets alive and operating, and the National Flea Market Association (NFMA) is here to help.

The NFMA is an organization that is committed to “free enterprise.” They exist to serve the public interest and to benefit the flea market industry by fostering high standards of business conduct which merits public trust, as said in the company’s mission statement. During their annual conference the NFMA sets up numerous seminars and speakers to come and help flea markets better their business with new technological tactics, market security, marketing ideas, and other fun topics to better serve the community.

“My favorite part is the networking that takes place,” David Wolff, President of the NFMA, said. “Over 100 managers and owners are in one place where you can ask anything you want with other markets and how they do things and how you can improve your market. The biggest benefit is definitely the networking opportunity.”

This year, the 21st annual NFMA conference will take place from February 13th – 14th at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are many great advantages to attending the conference, among the main reason that Wolff stated, with dozens of speakers and seminars focusing on all different types of subjects. You can learn about IP issues and conflicts, learn how to market to millennials and Gen Z, go over security at flea markets, sexual harassment do’s and don’ts, and make important connections with other people in the business. Every year the NFMA updates their schedule to make it more current with the topics of interest, and each year new sponsors are featured. There are many great not-to-miss opportunities.

It’s super easy to register for the NFMA conference, and you don’t have to be a member to sign up. For members, you can head over to their website, fill out their form, make the required payment, and email your form to For non members, fill out the NFMA application, fill out the online conference registration form, make the required payment, and email your registration form to the same email address above. If you don’t want to email the form, you can send it by mail to the National Flea Market Association at P.O. Box 436, Wales WI 53108.

“What some members and non members don’t know is that we’re always looking out for their best interest,” Wolff said. “In the past we have gone to Washington and talked to different congressmen about potentially negative legislation coming down the pipeline that we put either on hold or squashed. There are things we are out there stopping that would be harmful to flea markets.”

With the NFMA on your side, there are many things you can accomplish as a flea market owner. At this fun and educating conference, you can learn more about the industry as well as make meaningful connections. If you’re ready to grow your flea market business, then this conference is the right thing for you. Don’t hesitate any longer and sign up now!

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