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Oodles of People Love the Compass Rose

November 15, 2018 by krystinam  
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Since 2011, Superior IRON-ARTz LLC has been making beautiful custom metal wall art to accent any home, business, or shop. From silhouettes and decorative clocks to jewelry and flower pots, they have a little bit of everything. According to Steven Christensen, founder of Superior IRON-ARTz, their best-seller is the Compass Rose metal wall art.

Selling 3 times more than any other product, the Compass Rose comes in a variety of colors, including multi-colored pieces. This eye-catching piece can be made in sizes from 18 inches to 56 inches. Let Superior IRON-ARTz know your preference, and they’ll customize it just for you! They can also change the letter sizes and placement, coloring, and other design modifications.  Oodles of people will be flocking to your booth to get their hands on this unique item.

Superior IRON-ARTz is based in Superior Wisconsin. Located in what is referred to as the Twin Ports area, Superior has a long history in the iron ore mining industry and is the largest municipality in Douglas County Wisconsin. With plenty of customizable metal merchandise to choose from, some of their featured products include metal wall art trout, butterflies, dog heads, the Great Lakes, European dragons, and tiger heads.

The company does custom print development and manufacturing for the wholesale market and small to medium-sized businesses. They continue to work with companies and individuals on product designs, product development, and manufacturing for markets to expand their product line. Create your own exclusive product line and increase your revenue with custom logo signage and unique branding. Whatever your product needs, Superior IRON-ARTz has your back. Visit their website at for more information.

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