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Official Merchandise from Legal Lean

October 11, 2018 by krystinam  
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Looking for that perfect product to spruce up your display or the perfect impulse buy? Legal Lean has got you covered with their CBD products. They have all different kinds of natural health solutions ranging from infused edibles to oils and their newest vape pens.

Legal Lean’s CBD products are the perfect way for people to ease stress and relax their mind. The company is a national distributor of an assortment of mood enhancement and herbal relaxation and energy products. Their popular product Kush Cakes offer premium relaxation in the form of a brownie, and offer to help your customers to sleep better. The brownies are packed with melatonin and chamomile for the ultimate natural relaxation experience.

Nick Anderson, the founder of Legal Lean, started his distribution business about three years ago, and he says it’s caught fire ever since. His products have been featured in national news headlines and on Good Morning America®.

According to Nick, the infused edibles are one of the company’s best-sellers. They are authentic, high quality, and your customers will recognize the name brand, allowing for high margins for retailers. In addition to their brownies, Legal Lean offers 10 different candies, available in 5 different sized packages: 75mg, 150mg, 300mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg. The Legal Lean CBD Vape Cartridge is another award-winning product which comes in a grape flavor and 200mg size.

If you’re looking to add relaxation aids to your product line, check out the all natural cannabidiol products with award-winning taste from Legal Lean. To view the catalog of edibles, email or call 408-883-5326.

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