Monday, December 10, 2018

United Flea Markets Acquires Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre and Swap Meet

On September 12th, United Flea Markets (UFM) announced their latest acquisition with Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre and Swap Meet in Riverside, CA. This acquisition marks UFM’s first property in California and firmly establishes the company’s nationwide presence.

With its original 1948 screen tower still standing tall, The Rubidoux is the last of the classic drive-in theaters remaining in Southern California. Throughout the years, this theater has transformed into a modern outdoor area with the incorporation of FM transmitters and Technalight digital projection to ensure the best possible sound and picture.

“We’ve been eyeing Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre and Swap Meet for quite some time,” Rob Sieban, President, CEO, and co-owner of UFM says. “The DeAnza Group, which previously owned and operated the swap meet and drive-in theatre, has a long and impressive track record in the industry. We’re coming into a firmly established business with a strong reputation and loyal following. We’re looking forward to building upon their successes while positioning the theatre and swap meet for the next 50 years.”

United Flea Markets own and operate nine flea markets in the USA, giving them strong financial backing and maintaining each market’s individual character.  With properties now owned coast to coast, this new acquisition is UFM’s ninth asset in its rapidly-expanding portfolio. The company’s flea markets include Cooks Flea Market in NC, the Awesome Flea Market in KY, Flea Market Mobile in AL, J&J Flea Market in GA, Mile High Flea Market in CO, Ramona Flea Market in FL, Flamingo Island Flea Market in FL, and T&W Flea Market also in FL.

The drive-in theater is a first for UFM, among their many other properties that offer amenities beyond flea markets and swap meets. These amenities include large event spaces, a lazy river, and large community stages to host music festivals, according to a statement from the company. Frank Huttinger, President of the DeAnza Group, also shared his excitement about the new acquisition. “Rubidoux is a very special property and it was incredibly important to us that the next ownership team not only understand this, but embrace our commitment to the larger Riverside community,” he said. “We’re thrilled that Rob and his highly experienced team will now be guiding Rubidoux’s continued growth.”

Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre and Swap Meet is open 7 days a week and movies begin when it gets dark. Admission is $9 for adults, $1 for kids 5-9 years old, and children younger than 5 are free. Swap Meet hours are from 6am-2pm every Wednesday and Sunday. Rubidoux is located at 3770 Opal St. in Riverside, CA.

“Flea markets and swap meets serve as community gathering spaces where people come together and have a good time,” Sieban says. “What better way to encapsulate that vision than through movie night?”

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