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Pour Yourself A Picture with ArtiSands™

September 20, 2018 by krystinam  
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Just in time for the fall fair and festival season, ArtiSands™ is the perfect attention-grabbing product sure to draw crowds to your booth. This unique sand art craft is a crowd-pleaser for customers of all ages and abilities. Kits come with colorfast, non-toxic sand and everything you need to make a beautiful, mess-free design or picture.

Jay Hanson of ArtiSands™ says the product is a great fit for flea, fair, and festival booths specifically because there are “so many designs to choose from at a reasonable price.” ArtiSands™ is “very demonstrable, very interactive, and engages customers one-on-one.” Arts and crafts and hands-on activities are a great way to bring shoppers into your booth and drive overall sales. “In a typical situation, if parents and their child arrive at your booth, the child will spend 15 minutes making their sand art, so parents end up looking at other merchandise during that time. Then, as the child has fun with the craft, the parents often purchase more kits to take home. The kits make great gifts and wonderful birthday party activities”

In addition to setting up a craft area and offering “make and take” sand art, vendors can sell individual kits on peg displays, swivel displays, and floor or tabletop POP displays that are available through ArtiSands™. ArtiSands™ has wholesale packages to fit the needs of every customer including a Mini Kit, Economy Kit, Large Group Kits, and even Carnival Kits that are perfect for offering “make and take” designs. Give Jay a call to see what kit will best suit your selling needs.

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