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High Beams Shoes: The Footwear that Communicates

September 23, 2018 by krystinam  
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High Beams is on a mission to revolutionize footwear. Founded in 2013 by Goodrich International, High Beams is a global, multi-channel retail brand that combines technology and footwear to give consumers exactly what they need by enabling their shoes to do incredible things such as recognize other footwear and clothing and alert caregivers if children or the elderly leave a set area.

“Our focus is developing a shoe with a higher illumination system as a utility and not a novelty,” said Joseph Goodrich, head of media and son of the creator of the brand. “We develop industry-changing technology and focus on a 24/7 generation where people may not have the time to buy the exact shoes that work for them.”

High Beam shoes can be used for just about anything. From going for a jog at night to just needing some extra light while you find something in the garage, their specialty sneakers can help customers get the job done. They also have kids shoes and senior shoes for the elderly, which have voice-activated lights and monitor their weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and hydration.

“When we first started, my father created a pair of shoes and at the time, we needed to come up with something to help the family out,” Goodrich said. “My grandmother fell ill, so we used that as motivation to take it to the next step. From then on, High Beams shoes continued and we are still coming up with new things, finding out what we like and dislike, and incorporate the good aspects into another shoe. It’s been a long journey with a lot of trial and error.”

Goodrich International also has something else besides shoes under new development. Going along with their focus on technology and safety of everyone, they are creating a ‘School Shooter Early Warning System,’ which is a stand-alone system that will scan a 5-mile radius from a school. It will monitor all social media, looking for keywords and phrases that would be considered a potential threat. They are slated to test the system in 5 schools in 2019, according to Goodrich.

High Beams shoes are made for customer safety with two very bright LED lights in the front of the shoe and an LED light strip in the back so cars coming up behind someone walking or running will be able to see them in the dark. People can get 4-6 hours with the lights on so your customers will have plenty of time before they need to recharge their shoes. For a company whose main goal is the safety of others, they are a great supplier choice. Visit their website,, for more information.

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