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3 Tips for Killer Halloween Sales

September 20, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Fall is upon us, bringing with it the start of the holiday shopping season. Halloween is not only the kickoff event for busy quarter four, but also a lucrative celebration in its own right. Last year, Halloween spending hit a record high of $9.1 billion. Almost everyone who celebrates Halloween purchases candy, but 7 in 10 also spend on decorations and costumes for human and furry family members. With an average spend of $86.3 per household; Halloween is one holiday where the whole family participates in the fun and the spending. Follow these tips to make the most of this spooky holiday.

Devilishly Decorate
Attract shoppers to your booth with some spooky displays. As you know, markets are all about visual appeal and standing out from the crowd. Halloween is one holiday where you can go all-out with creative merchandising.

Put Halloween themed or colored items at the front of your booth to catch the eyes of strolling shoppers. Going all-out doesn’t have to be expensive, either: decorations like fake cobwebs and spiders are a bargain. Halloween candy can attract both children and parents alike. The more festive your booth looks, the more people will be intrigued, interested, and likely to stop.

Macabre Merchandising
Once the outside of your booth is holiday-ready, the next step is to create engaging displays on the inside to help drive sales. Even though your booth might be tight on space, and high traffic volumes can create chaos, it is imperative to keep your merchandise as organized as possible.

Counter displays are the easiest and one of the most effective options for selling through seasonal products while keeping everything appearing neat and tidy. Many wholesalers offer POP display solutions. Even though they are not the most creative option, when it comes to driving high volumes of impulse sales without having a disastrous mess in your booth, vendor-offered solutions are an efficient way to go. Oftentimes they are free with a minimum purchase.

If you are tight on space, smaller seasonal items such as limited edition candy, novelty flashlights and LED lights, small costume accessories such as fangs, and costume makeup are all great options. Nine out of ten Halloween shoppers buy candy; so make it easy for them to buy from you.

Get Spooky on Social

If you are on social media make sure you post about any events you’ll be attending and special merchandise you have just for the holiday. Be sure to tag the market in your posts for extra exposure. In addition, post about deals and offer special discounts or include a themed item for anyone who follows you online. Flea market vendors and shoppers are known to haggle so offering a small discount won’t detract from that and including a free gift with purchases may make buyers more inclined to spend more.

For many consumers, the December holidays are a stressful time full of obligations, extended family gatherings, and lots of spending. However, there is very little stress associated with Halloween. This holiday is all about fun. As such, being creative with your marketing efforts can score your store big points in your market, and help drive killer sales.

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