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Walk On Water With Jandals, the Jesus Sandals

August 2, 2018 by krystinam  
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Being comfortable has never been so stylish. Jandals, or Jesus sandals, are native to Hawaii and have been popular with consumers all over the world, including some famous stars. These waterproof wonders are known for their durability and comfort while also providing a chic look to any outfit.

Jandals have been an incredibly popular style in Hawaii for almost 35 years. D&T Distribution, Inc. partnered with Pali Hawaii, creator of Jandals, about 20 years ago to bring this product to the mainland United States. Ryan Meehan, CEO of D&T Distribution, said the Jandals’ popularity grew tenfold after being exposed to the rest of the U.S., and they are now the exclusive distributor.

These sandals come in a color for everyone. Dark and light brown are the two most popular colors, but they also come in black, navy, pink, white, lilac, green, and aqua. These island favorites feature an authentic lauhala weave strap design and a waterproof footbed that’s soft and skid-resistant. The classic dark brown Jandal small pre-pack will get you 24 pairs of mixed sizes 5-10, the large pre-pack will get you 24 pairs of mixed sizes 7-13, and the solid pack will get you 24 pairs of a single color in all sizes.

Pali Hawaii also carries a few other sandal styles, such as Jandals for kids, the Jon Jandal for men, the Jane Jandal, which adds a more feminine touch to the original Jandal, and the Jaya Jandal, which adds two extra straps across the front of the sandal. These next generation Jandals come in dark brown and black colors. Still waterproof and super soft, these Jandals are another stylish way to go about your day with comfort.

D&T Distribution, Inc. sells to over 2,500 retailers in the mainland U.S. The numbers continue to grow every day, as more and more customers want to get their hands on these comfortable and affordable sandals. Selling at a suggested retail price of $16.99, it’s a deal you just can’t beat for shoes that will last forever. D&T Distribution, Inc. has warehouses in NY and FL and are always welcoming more buyers. For more information, visit .

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