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QMT Windchimes: The Perfect Finishing Touch of the Summer Season

August 9, 2018 by mbrophy  
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We’re in the dog days of summer and people across the country are savoring the final stretch of breezy summer nights, enjoying time outdoors with friends and family, and relishing moments in the garden they’ve labored over all season long. There’s no better time to add an elegant wind chime: the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor space.

Make your last push for summer sales soar or stock up on a popular holiday gifting item. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this classic and artistic home décor piece. “Right now people are dressing up their patios and outdoor spaces, looking for things to make their environments comfortable,” says Luke Croushorn, customer success manager for QMT Windchimes. “Our chimes sell well year round. It’s not uncommon for people to buy one for themselves and then come back to purchase as a gift.”

QMT’s flagship line, Corinthian Bells, debuted to the wholesale marketplace over ten years ago and “has been our best seller ever since,” says Luke. The chime has a classic dome top and is powder coated in specially selected colors. “It’s a dependable chime that will last,” explains Luke. “Customers appreciate the durability, and it has been our centerpiece for well over a decade.”

In addition to the Corinthian Bells line, Arabesque chimes are also a best seller. This line takes the template of the Corinthian Bells chime and “dresses it up for a little finesse.” It has engraved rings and is more decorative with classic colors with glossy textures.

Lakeshore Melodies is QMT’s newest line of wind chimes. This chime has thick aluminum tubes “that are usually only found on all metal chimes,” says Luke. But, this chime is on wood “so you have a better sound with the beauty of wood grain that a lot of people enjoy, especially for outdoors.”

QMT Windchimes is the “only manufacturer who offers traditional and contemporary chimes that are all made in the USA,” says Like. “We are the largest domestic manufacturer of wind chimes, and offer the widest selection of colors and styles.” Visit QMT’s website to learn more, or visit them in person at an upcoming trade show.

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