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Lighter Leash: The Best-Selling Product You Never Knew You Needed

August 16, 2018 by mbrophy  
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For many, having a lighter on hand is a necessity. An estimated 37.8 million adults in the U.S. are cigarette smokers, and close to 35 million are marijuana smokers. Additionally, many people use lighters on the job, while camping, and whenever else they happen to come in handy. The fact is tens of millions of Americans carry lighters on themselves every day.

If you’re someone who often carries a lighter, you know how easily they can disappear. Whether from falling out of your pocket or accidentally taken by your friend who needed a light, “lighters naturally just kind of evaporate into other people’s pockets,” says Chip Paonessa, director of retail systems at Lighter Leash.

Lighter Leash is a product just like the name implies. The retractable lighter holder clips onto a belt loop or purse, so the lighter is readily accessible whenever needed. After using, the lighter automatically retracts back to the reel.

Chip says “The CEO of Lighter Leash started off as a bartender back in the days when smoking was allowed in bars. He was always losing his lighter to customers. Initially, he tried tying a string around it and then the idea of the retractable wheel came about.” From there the Lighter Leash was born.

Twelve years later, Lighter Leash has quite the following. More than 40 million units have been sold worldwide. “There are many people that swear by the product and buy them regularly,” says Chip. “People all over the world are buying Lighter Leash products to use for all kinds of applications.” For example, firefighters with the Washington Department of Natural Resources use Lighter Leashes on their tool belts

“For less than $100, you can be in on this business,” says Chip. The Lighter Leash wholesale starter pack is $95 with a resale value of $299 and is the most popular option for vendors. The kit comes with a wooden display stand that is made in-house, graphics, a poster, and sticker to help with marketing in addition to 60 Lighter Leashes. This product is a perfect addition to any vendor who sells smoking products, convenience products, or impulse buys. Lighter Leash also offers limited time wholesale deals and volume discounts, so be sure to call to get the best pricing.

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