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Back To School Shopping At Flea Markets

August 9, 2018 by krystinam  
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This is the last month of summer vacation and parents are going to start their back-to-school shopping, if they haven’t already. There are so many options to choose from for school supply shopping, so to be successful, you have to make yourself stand out from the rest. Here are four tips that will have parents flocking to your booth for school supplies.

1. Stock up on the latest trendy school supplies. Even though price point is still a big deal, kids will always want the styles that stand out from the rest. Folders and binders with the latest movie or TV show, lunchboxes with unique designs, or even pens and pencils with funny faces and different colors to make the child feel like they have the best writing utensil in the whole class.

2. Decorate your booth to match what you sell. You want customers to notice your booth, and one great way to make yours stand out is by decorating with chalkboards. You can have a bunch of small ones, describing the different products you are selling or one giant one above your booth to show that you are back-to-school prepared. They also make for great conversation starters if kids come over and start drawing on them and making their own designs.

3. Have all the small amenities on hand and ready. College students are always looking for ways to save money, so it is highly likely they will be doing most of their back-to-school shopping at flea markets. This is the perfect opportunity to sell things like baskets, towels, laptop chargers, and anything a college student will need without having to ask their parents for certain items a week after moving in to their dorm. Having unique or handmade items is always a plus since they know they are getting something nobody else can at Target® or Wal-Mart®.

4. Clothing. Probably the most important, and sometimes can add up to be the most expensive thing, is clothing. Everyone always needs new clothes, and especially while people are out spending money on vacations or trips to the beach, they neglect to keep up on their apparel shopping. Now school is starting soon and they need new winter clothes. Let your booth be the place they choose to go with cheap yet efficient apparel items that will make your customers feel trendy without breaking the bank.

For anyone looking to donate school supplies, Mile High Flea Market is having a School Supplies Drive during the weekends of August 4,5  & 6 between 7am and 5pm where anyone can donate supplies such as Kleenex®, pencils, notebooks, and any other item they think would be useful. Flea markets are the best ways to find cheap supplies while still making sure the student is fully prepared for the school year. Let your booth be the one customer stop at to get themselves school ready. For more tips and how-to’s, go to

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