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Inspirational Jewelry By KIS Jewelry

July 31, 2018 by krystinam  
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For twenty-nine years, KIS Jewelry has made inspirational products for their customers to feel beautiful on the outside, and also for them to know the loving message hidden on the inside. Phrases such as “I am loved,” “You are strong,” and “You’ve got this” are engraved on these unique pieces for shoppers to gift or to keep for themselves.

“I’m a last-minute shopper, and I could never find what I was looking for at other retailers,” said Abbie Rapport, owner of KIS Jewelry, about how she started the company. “I made something that I could give to my mother and mother-in-law and everyone fell in love with it.”

Her first product was a birthstone charm in a boy and girl figure with little birthstone gems on their stomachs. She will be re-introducing these products at the ASD Las Vegas show in August because they did so well and she sold about 20 million in 3 years. They make for a perfect retro product that will melt your customers’ hearts when they see them.

Their adjustable wire Symbology bracelets come in 20 different designs including a unicorn, a dragon, and flip-flops, which is their bestseller. They stretch to fit all hands and have the same construction as popular Alex and Ani bracelets. There are also inspirational message charms attached to the bracelet, so customers can look fashionable while also knowing there are beautiful messages to look at throughout the day.

KIS Jewelry is introducing a new necklace line called Arrondi, which are two-toned cluster charm necklaces with crystal stones. These elegant items feature an angel wing, an arrow, a key, and a cross and all come with an inspirational message charm also attached.

“We are all about positivity and everybody today needs more of that,” Abbie said. “We have beautiful pieces of jewelry with nice messages. It’s fashion with a meaning.”

KIS Jewelry manufactures all of their products to their own designs. Their jewelry is made to look upscale and expensive without the high prices, perfect for flea market and fair vendors. Their mantra is “Keep It Sensational” and offer products to make customers feel special when wearing their one-of-a-kind jewelry. For more information, visit

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