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Farm Fresh Produce at Cherry Avenue Auction

July 12, 2018 by krystinam  
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From antiques to furniture to pony rides and animals for sale, Cherry Avenue Auction has it all! They are Fresno, California’s oldest and biggest outdoor market, where vendors and shoppers come together in a casual, family-friendly place. Located on the northeast corner of American and Cherry Avenues, the market has 54 acres of open air shopping. Over 200 shade trees, grassy areas, and shade canopies cover many of the market’s walkways to help keep you cool, even during the summer.

In 1953, Margaret and Bill Mitchell purchased Cherry Avenue Auction, which was originally intended for Central Valley farmers to purchase and sell beef cattle, dairy cows, breed stock, horses, poultry, and other farm animals. Over the years, the cattle industry faded, but the open-air market continued to grow. Now, the market sells a wide range of items including animals, food, furniture and home décor, plants for your house or garden, and apparel for people of all ages. They even have an Auto Swap. Held every April and September, anyone can sell or show pre-1980 cars and trucks, or find classic parts at a great price. To register a spot for the next Auto Swap in September, you must print and fill out the ‘Sellers Permit Verification Form’ found on their website. You can turn it in when you arrive at the auction.

Cherry Avenue Auction’s vendors “aim to please,” and carry food from all over the world such as Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and even Salvadorian. They also serve classic food like pizza and corn dogs. Local families, carrying on the tradition from previous generations, farm most of the area to provide the market with the best produce and fresh cooked food for carryout or sit-down dining. For both vendors and customers – make sure to bring your appetite!

This welcoming market is open Tuesday and Saturdays all year ‘round from 6:30am-3:30pm. They’re located in the southwest Fresno’s Raisin belt in CA, affectionately known as the “Easton Area.” With great staff and great attractions, they offer items for purchase as well as an ATM machine, arcade, bounce house, and pony rides. They cater to all sports lovers out there with a good selection of athletic shoes and equipment with your favorite sports teams on blankets, jerseys, helmets, and hats. Great bargains and discount shopping await you! If vendors have any questions, they can call 559-266-9856.

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