Friday, December 14, 2018

Outdoor Flags from Flags Importer

June 21, 2018 by mbrophy  
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“Flags Importer hands-down has the best variety of products at great quality for a competitive price,” says Josi of Flags Importer. “Summer is a great time for all outdoor flags, because more outdoor activities like sports and festivals are occurring.”

American flags are always a staple for home and garden decor, especially around Independence Day. “We have our own dedicated manufacturer who sources durable materials and maintains strict quality control,” says Josi. This season is also when Flags Importer produces the most custom flags. “We have a wide range of custom flag capabilities from small orders to promote your business locations to very large production runs for resale.”

“The flags definitely speak for themselves,” continues Josi. “Our buyers can use the product to draw attention to their booth by displaying the flags on poles so that their customers can see and feel the quality of the printing, stitching and material. The flags are packaged in poly bags with a hang tag so that they can be hung on pegboard hooks.” Whether you’re looking for American flags, sports flags, or a custom product Flags Importer has you covered. Visit for more information.

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