Sunday, December 16, 2018

Magic Ring From Upstate Import

June 7, 2018 by krystinam  
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The Springy Thing, also known as the Magic Ring, or the original kinetic spring toy, is the next hottest seller since the Fidget Spinner. You can put the Springy Thing on your arm and watch it expand as it rolls up and down your arm, and can even be passed from one arm to another. This item is very similar to a slinky, but more decorative and tactile. It’s the perfect item for kids six and up.

The Springy Thing comes in silver and can fold flat. It’s fun to fold it flat and watch it pop open, surprising everyone. Springy Thing is five inches in diameter when flat, making it easy to store anywhere. They come in individually packaged boxes and can be bought in 100 pieces. Kids will be going crazy for the Springy Thing, and is selling really well so far. Don’t wait to stock up the hottest new toy of the summer.

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