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5 Tips to Make Your Summertime Booth Stand Out

June 28, 2018 by krystinam  
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The summertime is perfect for getting everyone out of their houses and doing fun activities outside. Flea markets are packed with buyers trying to get the best deals and vendors selling different items. Now is the perfect time to make your booth stand out amongst the others and give customers a reason to look at your products over someone else’s. Let your creative side come out with different themes and colors, but here are some tips to help get you started with making your summertime booth stand out!

1. Create a focal point. There are about 7 seconds from when a customer steps in a booth or has a visual of a booth to hook them in, so creating a WOW factor is key. There may be 10 other vendors selling the same products as you, so use a display that makes yours stand out. You can do this by using props to elevate a specific product above the others, or place different colored fabrics underneath certain items to create a wonderful color scheme and draw customers’ eyes onto your table. Utilize shelving and furniture to make your booth more unique and cozy to make customers feel comfortable coming up to you.

2. Get an outdoor rug for your booth. Bringing an outdoor rug into your booth may seem silly and an annoyance to clean, but if you think about it, rugs are the ultimate coze-factor! Make your customer feel at home just by bringing some homey accents into your booth. It helps give that extra pop of color to make customers notice your booth, especially if you match the rug to your tablecloth or other color schemes you have going on. If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning the rug after every event, you can also get colorful tape and make unique designs on the floor of your booth.

3. Use a curtain display. Colorful curtains are way more inviting than a plain white tent over your booth, so decorate around and inside your tent with different curtains. Make the customer feel like they’re walking into a separate area by closing off your booth with curtains. You can even use them to display products, like jewelry, by sticking small, lightweight hooks into the curtains and hanging your products off the hooks. Colored fabric can be really fun on bright and sunny days.

4. Engage your customers. There is so much you can do at an outside market, so use the outdoor space to your advantage. Set up some games around your booth and have customers play to win a free gift, get a discount, or a free sample. Giving away discounts is a sure way to make a sale, since they will want to use that discount. Corn hole is a classic game you can use and it doesn’t take up much space.

5. You can’t go wrong with fresh plants and flowers. If you sell flowers, then you are already ahead of the game with this one.  Plants and flowers are the perfect way to grab a customer’s attention. Even if they are just stopping to look at the scenery, you can easily start up a conversation with them about your products and create a more personalized experience. You can match certain plant colors to different items in your booth to really get the summertime feel in your booth.

The most important part about making your booth stand out is to have fun. Get those creative juices flowing – have your kids or some friends help make colorful artwork to decorate your tables with and let that be a great conversation starter with new customers. You don’t have to be an interior decorator to create the perfect setting, so use as many crazy colors and decorative items as you want!

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