Friday, December 14, 2018

Swap-O-Rama Event to Start on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and there are many great events, sales, and exclusive products to celebrate. In honor of all mothers out there, Swap-O-Rama flea markets are holding a six-month event that will begin this Mother’s Day. One Sunday each month, they will be hosting a large flea market event in Peotone, IL at the Will County Fair Grounds with tons of shopping, bargains, great food, and entertainment. They will even be giving out flowers to all mothers who attend the opening day.

Rex Meadows founded Swap-O-Rama in June of 1969. He came to Chicago, IL with an idea to open a flea market in the Midwest, and it wasn’t long before their first market opened at the Double Drive Inn Theater. They have continued to expand their markets since then, and now have three markets in IL: Tri-State in Alsip, Melrose Park, and Ashland Avenue. They also purchased two more flea markets back in November, Howard’s Flea and Webster’s Flea in FL. Last year they joined the National Flea Market Association, which is a flea market organization designed to help preserve friendly and cooperative flea markets all across the US.

“It’s nice to have an organization behind us to help with new initiatives moving forward,” Kristina Doukas, Director of Marketing at Swap-O-Rama said. “We want to continue to help our customers and visitors and to get to know other operators in the industry.”

With this current trend in pop-up markets, Swap-O-Rama wanted to get on the bandwagon. Peotone is an area that hasn’t seen pop-up markets yet, and they wanted to seize this opportunity to bring their talents.  With roughly 40 years of experience, they are excited to come to a new town and be able to meet new vendors and visitors. Swap-O-Rama will also have some local radio stations coming to the event in June and July, with more ideas brewing in mind. There will be more than plenty to do at each event with the surrounding shopping and entertainment.

Doukas said, “We’re excited to bring a fair-like initiative to Will County and in true flea market fashion, there will be a variety of shopping, food, and fun for everyone.”

Justin Joseph, Vice President of Operations at Swap-O-Rama, said they pride themselves in running a very organized and “well-oiled machine”. They treat vendors and visitors with the utmost respect, and this can be seen with how long their vendors have been selling with them. One vendor, Enrique Bustamante, has been selling at Ashland for 27 years, according to their website. He sells items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and zippered joggers. Many entrepreneurs have been given the opportunity to start a business with Swap-O-Rama.

The idea for the Will County Fairgrounds flea market event was a team effort, according to Doukas. They’re always trying to think of new ideas that would benefit the community and what better way than to have an event that starts on Mother’s Day? Family and friends all around can come see what Swap-O-Rama has to offer. They are still taking vendor applications and encourage sellers to call them if with any questions. Even if you miss one day, it’s a six-month-long event and there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved

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