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Memorial Day at St. Regis Flea Market

May 31, 2018 by krystinam  
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Once again, bargain hunting was a huge hit at the Annual St. Regis Flea Market during Memorial Weekend. Approximately four thousand people flocked to Montana’s largest flea market at the St. Regis Community Park. This market is held every Memorial Weekend from daylight to dusk. With 174 vendors filling up 212 spaces, antiques and collectibles of all shapes and sizes were there for people to look at and buy.

This outdoor community event is a non-profit organization that started in 1950. They help to promote the development and funding of public projects in the community. Hours of work from local volunteers go into the preparation of the St. Regis Flea Market. With the help from everyone, vendors from all over come to sell things like furniture and ornaments, used and new clothing, jewelry, cd’s and VHS tapes, and food. There are even bouncy rides, pony rides, and gem hunting for kids.

Vendor applications are already being accepted for next year’s event and it costs $90 for three days. The funds that are raised from vendor fees and food concessions go to a variety of community projects and activities including the local park, the preservation and restoration of historical building sites, and promoting national holidays (  After participating in the St. Regis Flea Market as a vendor, you have the option of reserving a spot for the next year when you check out on the last day.

One vendor, who traveled from Missoula, MT, sold jewelry and unique yard art with giant turtles and ants made out of river rock, according to Clark Fork Valley Press ( They always come down every year and do really well. Now is as good of a time as ever to think ahead and reserve yourself a spot at the St. Regis Flea Market. Not only can you make a good profit, but you’ll feel good knowing you’re also helping to fund the local community. Come and see what Montana has to offer! For more information, visit

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