Friday, December 14, 2018

Kobey’s Swap Meet

Have you ever heard of Kobey’s Swap Meet? It’s San Diego’s largest outdoor marketplace. Every week they host 1,000 sellers and 30,000 to 40,000 shoppers! The market occupies the San Diego Sports Arena parking lot; it’s huge! The market started in 1976 and has become the premier market in San Diego and a bargain hunter’s paradise.

Kobey’s Swap Meet keeps their market versatile. They have vendors that sell a mixture of old and new products and are always looking for new items. They have a variety of booth rental options with pricing to accommodate small, newer sellers as well as the seasoned professionals. Kobey’s Swap Meet also donates free space twice a year to certified nonprofits and student and religious organizations. They like to give back to the community. Sellers are also able to rent equipment for a day if necessary.

This family oriented market always has something new to offer. There are a vast amount of sellers for shoppers to visit and an impressive amount of buyers that show up week after week. Visit Kobey’s Swap Meet’s website to find out more about the market and look into renting your own space!

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