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Heshy’s Freshies: Simply Natural Skin Care

May 22, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Linda Heshelmen started making the products now known as Heshy’s Freshies about two years ago. Her 16-year-old daughter and friends loved using trendy bath bombs, but were disappointed with the results and even experiencing adverse reactions such as infections, dry skin, brittle hair, breakouts, and more. Linda thought, “How can I let these girls enjoy bath bombs without the fear of being hurt?” And from that thought, Heshy’s Freshies was born.

After much trial and error, Linda perfected her homemade bath bomb recipe that was bubbly and fragrant with only nine ingredients. “We have a 24-hour three-stage curing process that allows us to cut down ingredients,” says Linda. From there, Linda expanded into scrubs, salt soaks, sugar scrub bars and more.

Upon the request of her friends, Linda began selling at local fairs, festivals, and swap meets. Customers were coming back again and again, loving the results they achieved from using her natural products. “The whole thing started out as me wanting to help my daughter and her friends, and now I see my products helping other people on so many other unexpected levels,” she says.

Linda knows Heshy’s Freshies products are a hit in markets, fairs, festivals, and swap meets because that is where her business was born. “You will generate returning customers because they’ll love that you sell handmade products with natural ingredients at affordable price points,” says Linda. “Our products work, so you will not only be selling products that people love, you will make a good profit as well.”

Their most popular products are the original bath bombs, salt soaks, and soft sugar scrubs. Linda is also constantly developing new products. She just released a bubble bath powder and is currently working on a new scrub bar, foot lotion, and a beard conditioning oil.

Heshy’s Freshies products come in many fragrances including their best-selling Vanilla, Orange Ginger, Eucalyptus, Dragons Blood, Cherry Almond, Lavender, and Patchouli varieties.  All in all, “We have about 103 fragrances on hand,” says Linda. “The best fragrance depends on the person and their mood.”

All Heshy’s Freshies products are minimalist by design. “We work hard to put as few ingredients in our products as possible,” says Linda. “If it does not need to be there, we don’t put it in. We keep things natural and we don’t use fillers.”

Heshy’s Freshies is also a proud supporter of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center. The company is donating a portion of all sales between now and November. Linda’s goal is to donate $10,000 to St. Jude’s in 2018 and hopes to double that number in 2019.

“We strive to not only keep your skin soft and healthy but we believe your mood and mental well-being are very important too,” says Linda. “Our vision for Heshy’s Freshies is to be a household name, trusted for manufacturing and packaging only high-quality products that our customer can feel safe and good about using.” To learn more visit

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