Friday, December 14, 2018

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market is dedicated to its shoppers and vendors; they open every single weekend, weather permitting, even if it is a holiday weekend. Since 1976 Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market has been serving its community and providing a flea market that has become an asset to the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in New York City. It is the sister market to Chelsea Flea Market and both are under the Annex Markets brand.

A treasure trove for shoppers and sellers alike, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market has a variety of items being sold by their vendors. Antiques, vintage, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, and more can be found at the market. New vendors are always wanted and are encouraged to visit the website, call, or e-mail for more information. Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market has various equipment and parking available for vendors to
rent on a daily basis.

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market is a must-see destination for local New Yorkers and visitors from far and wide. It is a place where collectors and top-notch hagglers meet to find exactly what they are looking for!

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