Friday, December 14, 2018

Fox Valley Flea Market

Fox Valley Flea Market has two separate locations in Illinois. Their main market is located in Aurora with a second market in Elgin. Both are open year round and indoors. They open an outdoor flea market beginning in April each year. They offer free parking and free admission as well as thousands of items for the whole family!

There are a variety of vendors at Fox Valley Flea Market. They are always looking for newcomers and have spaces that can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly.

A few of the market’s main product categories span tools, electronics, computers, arts and crafts, dollar store items, auto shop accessories, and more. The market also offers a video game shop, ice cream parlor, juice bar, dollar store, and two Mexican style restaurants on the premises. Talk about a market that has it all!

This year round market is not one to miss. Fox Valley Flea Market is family friendly and always looking for new sellers. Check out their website for more information on both market locations and more.

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