Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Jolt

April 3, 2018 by mbrophy  
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The Jolt is a slim, all-in-one portable power charger. Invented by Ohio State University graduates, Jolt is designed for people on the move by people who know how important having a charged phone is for hectic lifestyles.

For many of us, and many of your customers, it often seems like 90% of our lives revolve around cellphones. Having a charged phone is crucial for receiving calendar reminders, work emails, and for calling mom.

The Jolt charger is a sleek design the size of your cellphone. It fits smoothly into any pocket for easy carrying, and comes with two retractable cables, so you’ll never leave home without a charge. The first retractable cable is meant for charging your iPhone, iPad, or any Apple Lightning device. The second built-in cable is a micro-USB cord. This can charge your Android device, Bluetooth headphones, and even drones.

The Jolt’s unique AC prong is used to charge up the Jolt. Once the Jolt is fully charged, it will charge your phone 2.5 times to 100%. You can also use the Jolt as a charging block in case you are sitting at your desk, or in a classroom. The Jolt offers a powerful and practical solution many of your customers’ modern-day problems. This convenience and impulse item will not go unnoticed at your booth this spring season.

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