Saturday, December 15, 2018

Portland Swap Meet

The “original” Portland Swap Meet is celebrating 54 years this April! It is always held in April for one weekend every year. There are six antique car clubs, based in Portland, Oregon, that host the show. It is the largest auto parts swap meet on the west coast! There are approximately 3,500 vendor stalls and over 50,000 shoppers that show up each time the event comes around in April.

The Portland Swap Meet takes place at the Portland Exposition Center. Whether you’re showing up in a hot ride or not, there is public transportation to the venue available if needed. There are also off-site parking areas that have shuttle transportation to the expo center that is wheelchair accessible. Portland Swap Meet attracts tens of thousands of shoppers year after for a reason! Check out the show this year to see what it is all about!

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