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Orchard Drive

March 1, 2018 by Molly Nichols  
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Orchard DriveMike Lehman started his business, Orchard Drive, out of his home in 2013. Orchard Drive started out making swing sets, but after a dealer requested fire pits, Mike began to branch into that market. Since the first year of producing fire pits, the business has expanded exponentially and continues to grow like crazy! Last December Orchard Drive moved to a new location that has expanded their production 300 percent and allows them to ship orders more efficiently, hire more people, and continue to grow.

As the company expands, Mike develops more high quality products and continues to increase his inventory. A new smokeless fire pit will become available in mid-March. It reburns smoke from the fire and eliminates it. Although this is a new product, multiple dealers have already jumped on the product and placed orders. Orchard Drive also produces flags that are a “hot seller and veterans go nuts over. They’re rustic and clean cut,” says Mike. Their biggest sellers, however, are their fire pits. They are 24 inches and sold at a wholesale price of $155.00. There is no minimum for orders and small orders are shipped within the next day and 3 weeks are required for big orders of 50 to 100 fire pits. When selling fire pits, Mike suggests taking advantage of their custom laser offerings: there are 4,000 different options available and they can be customized. As far as displays, Mike mentioned that when more fire pits are displayed, 10 to 15 rather than 1 to 2, dealers will sell 3 time more; “display a lot, sell a lot” explains Mike.

Orchard Drive is a unique company that centers on providing high quality products that their dealers want. “We are very versatile and willing to work with dealers to make new products,” says Mike. They also “crack down on quality” and all fire pits are American and Amish made. Fire pits are hand crafted and heavy duty; guaranteed to last a long time.

Orchard Drive is offering a limited time promotion to our readers. Any vendor that places an order of over 10 fire pits will receive a 10% discount on their order and any smaller order will receive 5% off. Hurry, this promotion only lasts through the end of March!

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