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Mountain and Prairie Candle Company: Handcrafted Scents for Every Occasion

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Mountain and Prairie CandleWhether you’re gearing up for a busy tourist season or looking to turn over a new product leaf, Mountain and Prairie Candle Company has what you’re looking for. This candle manufacturer supplies fresh, potent fragrances in single fragrance containers, triple fragrance layers, votives, pillars, wax melts, and wickless candles for warmers.

Lorrie Underwood, the owner of Mountain and Prairie Candle Company, tells The Merchandiser Group, “As we go into summer, floral fragrances are more popular.” Their Lilac candle is one of their most beloved floral fragrances. Lorrie has many customers nationwide who stock up for spring. Other popular spring and summer candles include “Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea, and Raspberry Lemonade.”

In addition to seasonal fragrances, Mountain and Prairie Candle Company also has year-round bestsellers. “Crème Brulee, Cinnfully Vanilla, Balsam Fir, and French Vanilla are our top-selling favorites,” says Lorrie. “I have stores that order Crème Brulee and Lilac by the pallet as they get ready for tourist season.”

It’s All in the Family

Lorrie’s aunt and uncle founded Prairie Candle Company in 1996. The business sold outside the family for a few years, then in 2014, Lorrie and her husband, Kevin, bought it back into the family. Today, Lorrie, her husband, son Lance, and daughter Jamie run the Mountain and Prairie Candle Co: with their three other children pitching in as needed. It is almost entirely a family operation although seasonally outside help is necessary. Lorrie says they’ve tried to honor her aunt’s original business and “keep it very much the same in that my aunt made high quality and intensely fragrant candles. We’ve done our best to maintain that.”

Perfection, Made-to-Order

Part of what makes Mountain and Prairie Candle Company candles so potent is that they are 100% made to order. “When you place an order, your candles are made fresh that day or the next day,” says Lorrie. Our products are never sitting in a warehouse. They are made in Colorado and shipped to you right away.

Mountain and Prairie Candle Company uses a proprietary blend of soy and paraffin waxes, with a fragrance content that is 50% higher than other scented candles typically seen in box stores. The result is clean burning, long lasting, intense fragrances.

Lorrie recommends starting your store off with an assortment of single fragrance candles including the Crème Brulee, French Vanilla, Country Nights “for a manly fragrance,” Pumpkin Spice and Cinnfully Vanilla. If you like florals, definitely try the Lilac.

Lorrie also recommends having a candle burning or a wickless jar on a warmer “to really get the fragrance going throughout the area.” She says customers can’t resist once they get a whiff of the intoxicating scents.

Visit for more information and to see all of the available fragrances. Lorrie and her family also attend several trade shows throughout the country, including Rocky Mountain Gift Show and Smoky Mountain Gift Show — so make sure to stop by and experience Mountain and Prairie Candles in person!

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