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How to Showcase Jewelry at Your Booth

March 13, 2018 by Molly Nichols  
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Jewelry is one of the biggest sellers at markets and swap meets, but presenting it to shoppers in an optimal way can be a challenge. Jewelry needs to be displayed in a way that accents the styles and quality while also avoiding theft. Here are a few creative ways to style and showcase jewelry.

Display Cases

To ensure there is no theft of your jewelry, use display cases, shadow boxes, and other glass enclosed arrangements. This makes it easy for buyers to see your products while giving you the ability to control who sees and touches what. This is a great way to show off pricier items by bringing attention to them and keeping them safe. Display cases can also be uncovered. If you have low cost pieces, place them in bowls around your booth with clear signs marking their price. This will entice the bargain hunters and the less outgoing shoppers.

Repurposed Antiques

Flea markets and swap meets are full of odds and ends that can be reused as jewelry displays. Use old cake stands and dishes to create a sense of differentiation between pieces at your booth. Having tiered displays gives you more space on your table and breaks up the jewelry. Old glass bottles can also be used to show off bracelets. Hang the bracelets over the neck of the bottle for a unique way to display them. Take a stroll around your next market and see if anything stands out to you that can be styled in an innovative way to showcase jewelry.

Dangling Decorations

When jewelry is worn, it hangs off of a person, thus hanging it at a booth will give shoppers a better idea of what it would like on them. If your booth has a sunshade or awning over it, use rope or string and tie it between the supports and hang necklaces and earrings. Vendors can also use the top supports to attach hangers and then fasten jewelry to them. As an added bonus, this puts your products at eye level for shoppers and will be more noticeable. If all you have is a table, there are other ways to hang your jewelry for display. Frames can be used to exhibit jewelry by tying string to either side and standing them up on a table. Take old wooden boxes and screw mini hooks into the top of them for jewelry to hang from as well. Any sort of support can easily be transformed into a beautiful jewelry display.

Think Outside The Booth

What’s something that is always at your booth and the most active sales tool? You! Use yourself as a display! Make sure you are decked out in your own jewelry and anyone else working the booth wears a few items as well. Not only does this show shoppers special pieces, it makes it more likely for them to strike up a conversation with you, specifically.

There are many creative ways to show off your jewelry. Figure out what works best for you based on the type of jewelry you sell and the type of shoppers you want to attract. Have fun with it and be resourceful when creating displays.

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