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Bugout Pet Feeding and Water Station

March 13, 2018 by mbrophy  
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Bugout Pet Feeding StationSpring is almost here and while most of us welcome the warmer weather, the change of season also brings out unwanted critters such as ants, bugs, and other creepy crawlies. Ants and unwanted bugs have a tendency of spreading everywhere and getting into everything.

John Newman developed the Bugout Pet Feeding Station to help Frank, his beloved dog. Ants were crawling all over Frank’s outdoor bowl and food. Bugout Pet is a unique, patented feeding system like no other. It uses the simple premise that bugs cannot cross water to keep bugs out of pet food. The Bugout system comprises a food dish, water bottle, and base. The base is wide and deep, filling with water from the bottle that bugs would have to cross to get to the food dish. Essentially, the food dish is the castle and the water base is the moat that prevents bugs from getting in. The two-liter water bottle also ensures your pet always has enough water.

The Bugout system is made with antimicrobial, algae-free, non-stick, and non-porous materials. It is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. The sturdy construction prevents tipping and breaking. The compact design also takes up less space than having two separate bowls. Right now Bugout is available in two sizes, perfect for cats and dogs.

The pet food market topped $26 billion in 2017, and the entire pet industry topped over $69.36 billion in the United States. It’s no secret that people spend money on their pets. During the Great Recession, pet products were one of the few industries that thrived during that time period. According to Pet Age, “There has been one sector serving as a solid backbone for the country — the pet industry. Driven by people who see pets as family members and strive to improve their lives on a daily basis, the industry has accounted for a whopping $66 billion in consumer spending since the conclusion of 2016.” Overall pet spending increased by over $3 billion from 2016 to 2017. In 2018, we can expect that trend to continue.

Flea markets, mini-malls, outdoor markets, fairs, and festivals are ideal environments for selling pet-related products, especially in the spring and summer. First, many markets are pet-friendly so shoppers will already have their furry friends in tow or at least be surrounded by other families’ pets. Either way, their four-legged family member is at the top of their mind.

John, the inventor of Bugout Pet, actually began his business by selling the feeding system at flea markets. He had a stand-by spot at the Orange County Market Place on Saturdays and Sundays where he would sell 29 – 34 units every day rain or shine. John also sold Bugout Pet at the Palm Springs Village Fest street fair on Thursday nights, where he regularly sold 9 units during each event. The product is so popular; he expanded from selling at flea markets into selling wholesale, so other vendors can find success with Bugout.

Having a Bugout feeding dish out for display is a great way to attract shoppers and their furry friends looking for water while also displaying the effectiveness of the Bugout system. Since 68 percent of the population has a pet, pet products such as Bugout appeal to a large demographic. Visit to learn more.

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