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March 6, 2018 by Molly Nichols  
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LyfeliteLyfeLite Inc. provides a product unlike any other. The LyfeLite rechargeable emergency bulbs work just like any other ordinary LED bulb with an added bonus. LyfeLite is able to detect when there is a power outage at the fuse panel and remain on or allow someone to turn it on exactly the same way as when the power is working. These bulbs are capable of doing all this, as well as deliver a long lasting life of 10,000+ hours and low cost efficiency at a purchase price that is not much more than dimmable LED bulbs on the market.

The inspiration for this amazing product came when the owners of LyfeLite Inc. attended the world’s largest LED lighting show in Hong Kong. LED rechargeable emergency bulbs are used around the world in areas where power outages are common. The LyfeLite bulb was created to offer US consumers the same benefits during storms and power grid failures.

In order to entice shoppers and move this superior product quickly, you can hold demonstrations at your booth and you don’t even need electricity! Sellers can hold the bulb in their hand and touch the bottom of it with their thumb and finger to turn it on. You can even use it in a lamp and have the plug in a glass with an ounce of water, or simply put a small piece of aluminum foil on the plug. Even simpler is to just put the bulb in a wine glass with water and it will still turn on! The best part about selling LyfeLite bulbs is that they will bring traffic to your booth. Kids and adults alike will want to see how it works. Make sure you visit LyfeLite’s YouTube channel for more information.

LyfeLite Inc. stands apart from other companies for many reasons. One is their operational efficiency. They also offer a 5-year free replacement warranty for any bulb that does not operate correctly — they are that confident in their product. LyfeLite Inc. is offering a special deal to our readers: $10 for a box of 4 bulbs. The minimum purchase is 10 boxes and it comes with free shipping. Orders are shipped within one business day of receipt and as many 10-box quantities can be ordered as desired. The recommended retail price is $20 per box, delivering a 100% profit. Order yours now and be the first in your area to offer this unique product!

Be sure to enter “FLEAMARKET18” during your order session to get the special price!

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