Monday, November 19, 2018

Supreme Flea Market

January 23, 2018 by Molly Nichols  
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Supreme Flea Market has it all and they’re still looking for more! The busy market is always seeking new vendors and encourage everyone to inquire about booth rentals. It is a marvelous indoor/outdoor market with everything from new items to services and classes. Vendors can sell new and used items, but the majority sell new items.

On the grounds, there are a few small restaurants, two full snack bars, small clothing stores, and a special events area on top of all that the vendors have to sell. There are 30 different shops altogether and they offer a wide variety of items. The list of products available is long, but a condensed version includes: clothing, shoes, oils and incense, hats, furniture, electronics, home décor, jewelry, ethnic attire, collectibles, flowers, wreaths, seasonal items, games, and so much more! There are also services offered such as sewing classes, African drumming classes, antique furniture refurbishing, and barbershops. This is truly a one-stop flea market!

Supreme Flea Market has an impressive selection of products and services. The variety of items is astounding and they are welcoming to all vendors. Give them a call to see if you can start selling this weekend at the Supreme Flea Market.

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