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Top 5 Holiday Stocking Stuffers

December 5, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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Stocking stuffers, although small, are a big part of the holidays. After the big presents are unwrapped they offer a fun surprise for everyone in the family. Make sure your shoppers are prepared with the proper stocking stuffers this holiday season. Here is the list of The Merchandiser Group’s top picks:

1. Cell Phone Accessories

Everyone has a cell phone and rarely does anyone ever put it down. That’s why long charging cables are a necessity this holiday season. 10-foot charging cables exist so that cell phone users can move around their room without draining battery. There are also stick-on wallets and wallet cases that provide room for someone to bring an ID, credit card, and cash with them without having to cart around a whole wallet. They’re perfect for shoppers who want to keep their hands free at flea markets! Long charging cords and adhesive phone wallets make using your phone nonstop even more convenient, and who doesn’t want that?

2. Socks

Socks are a stocking stuffer staple — try and say that five times fast. Shoppers will be walking around or coming in from the cold to shop at your booth, having cozy and quirky socks will instantly make them think about how cold their feet are and how nice it would be to buy them as presents for their friends and family. New designs that are relevant to pop culture and the latest in fuzzy or chunky knit styles are the quintessential addition to any stocking.

3. Travel Size Toiletries

Health and wellness has been at the forefront of 2017 shopping patterns. The holidays are the perfect time for pampering. Small soaps, spa products, and other beauty products are great gifts. They give everyone a sample to try before buying a larger size, and don’t break the bank. Fill baskets with small toiletry items and watch as shoppers stop to pick through and find the item that is just right for their stockings.

4. Novelty Foods

Novelty foods are a broad category and include products such as silly snacks or spunky gum and mint containers. Food such as “reindeer poop” is a common gag gift and is usually chocolate or some sort of candy. Gold coins are another example of a novelty food item that may trick the recipient, but ultimately please them by being a sweet treat. There are also an assortment of old-fashioned packaged mints and gum with funny sayings written across them that poke just enough fun at someone to make them excellent gifts.

5. The Latest Gadgets

Fidget spinners took the world by storm this year. The fad may seem like it’s on the way out, but new variations of it continue to sell well. New to market variations include a fidget cube and special editions of the fidget spinner, which make for fun stocking stuffers. Swiss army tools are another popular gadget that always has new features and additions that make it a great gift year after year.


One more bonus stocking stuffer: games that are fun for the whole family. Small and compact games, such as Pick Up Sticks, Bananagrams®, and Left Right Center®, are a great item to sell as gifts and to get shoppers to check out your booth. Having the games laid out and allowing customers to interact and play with them will make it hard for them to walk away. These stocking stuffer ideas are sure to spur sales.

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