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Nu-Venture LLC: Visionary Wall Art

December 7, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Nu-Venture, LLC produces signature unique 3-D wall art. The two collections are Wildlife Art and Weed Art. The Wildlife art collection features three-dimensional prints of native North American wildlife including bears, elk, moose, wolves, and more. The Wild Weed collection features marijuana-leaf art for cannabis enthusiasts.

Gary Langevin and Sheri Roberts create the 3-D art using lenticular images. These images owe their uniqueness to a printing process that creates an illusion of three-dimensional, moving, or morphing pictures. Two or more different images are loaded into a computer graphics program where each image is sliced into dozens of thin strips. The strips from each image are then woven into an alternating pattern in a process called interlacing.

The resulting high-resolution picture is nearly impossible to interpret until the ribbed lenticular lens is precisely placed on the image. The transparent plastic layer is actually made of hundreds of separate thin, hemispherical lenses called lenticules. These refract the light passing through them, determining what the observer sees, depending on his position relative to the picture.

The idea for Nu-Venture first came about in the summer of 2013. Sheri and Gary were introduced to a series of 3-D Native American illustrations. “They were cool,” says Gary. “But we wanted something more realistic.”

With the help of a friend, Sheri and Gary started with their first four images, an elk, moose, bison, and grizzly bear. “They were well received,” continues Gary. From there, the business partners made the decision to pursue their new idea fulltime.

They went to China to work with factories directly, and to get the exact product Sheri and Gary had a vision for. “We planned initially to start with 11 wildlife images. Then seeing the enormous growth of the cannabis industry we decided to give that a shot and created at first only three and then six more cannabis Images,” says Gary, “Now we have 22 wildlife and 10 cannabis 3D lenticular photos.”

“The response was way beyond any expectation I could have conjured up,” continues Gary. All of the designs are powerful and eye-catching in their own way. “To pick a favorite,” says Gary, “is like picking your favorite child. They all bring something special.” But, right now, the elephant print is their top-selling design. “It’s a very powerful image, it speaks of love, safety, protection, security, and peace all in one image.”

Nu-Venture products sell well in any market and to customers of all ages. “Who doesn’t love a great wildlife picture?” says Gary. “They fit in the home, office, and anywhere art is hung for decoration.” Markets and physical retailers are a great venue for this product because shoppers can truly appreciate the unique visual qualities of the artwork.

Minimum orders start at just 10 pieces. Gary says many of his retailers have success displaying the artwork in floor stands and rotating wire magazine racks. The pictures are 14”x18” so retailers and customers can easily find frames if that is the look they desire.

To learn more about Nu-Venture, the lenticular image process, and to view their catalog visit

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