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Salem Flea Market

November 7, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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No matter the rain or snow, the Salem Flea Market in New Hampshire is open all year. It is located just over the Massachusetts border and is easy to access by shoppers and vendors alike. The Salem Flea has been open for over 30 years and continues to thrive despite the cold or less than desirable weather conditions — it’s a classic New England staple!

The Salem Flea is an indoor/outdoor flea market. In season, the outdoor booths do not require reservations and many vendors are people that have decided to have their yard sale at the market for more visibility and sales. The indoor market booth spaces are placed by reservation only and allow vendors to secure and store items within their booth space throughout the week. Electricity for booths is available at all the indoor spaces and the market is guaranteed to be open every weekend.

New and used items of all kinds can be found at the market, as well as a large variety of antiques that arrive every week. Shoppers abound and love to browse the great selection of unique finds. Other amenities at the market include public restrooms, paved parking, and food concessions conveniently located inside and outside the building. Salem Flea Market has a storied success record partly because of their famous selection of merchandise, and partly because of their Yankee pride in being open each weekend, no matter the weather. For more information on the market, call of visit their web site.

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