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Pop-Ups and Special Event Planning

November 8, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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Planning your very own pop-up or special event takes a lot of preparation. In order for a seamless, successful event to happen, there is a lot of groundwork that must take place. Before you begin, make sure you have a budget. A financial plan greatly affects the type of event you will be having and figuring out the numbers is the first step before getting into the real planning.

It is important to lead with an idea when creating a special event or pop-up. It should be a concept that leaves visitors with a feeling and mindset rather than a product. Coming up with something like this can be tricky, make sure you stay open-minded and look at online sites like Eventbrite or PopUpsters to see what other people are doing and find inspiration. Another option to consider is whether the event will be free or ticketed. There are perks to selling tickets and offering an event free to the public; it depends on the type of event you are planning.

Keep in mind that a pop-up event is a marketing strategy. Planning your own event is all about getting your products and name “out there” so plan and approach it as such. Use social media to spread awareness of your event. Use online databases to post your event and reach more people. Marketing your event will guarantee people show up. The event should also be connected to you, your products, and your business in some way. Lululemon® offers workout classes after hours because it matches the athleisure theme of their store — you would not see this brand hosting a gluttonous dinner for their customers. Staying on-brand and spreading awareness of the event will make it a success!

When crafting a pop-up and special event, make sure you are ambitious, yet realistic. Set clear goals for yourself with a specific outcome in mind: do you want more customers, community involvement, or to try something new? While focusing on your main objective, understand that your first event may not be as huge as planned, but keep going and build your following over time. Ultimately, your event or pop-up is about the experience; make sure it is perfectly planned and runs smoothly with everyone leaving happy, satisfied, and waiting for the next one.

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