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Kid Agains Inc.: The Scorsese of Games

November 6, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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Kid Agains Inc. has been creating fun and innovative games for all ages since 2013. Within four months of launching on Amazon, Kid Agains Inc. became an Amazon #1 best seller, won the Family choice Award 2015 and in 2017 won the Creative Child Award. They currently serve over 2000 stores across America, but it wasn’t easy to get there. Michael Pendergast, the founder of Kid Agains, Inc., had a rough childhood and was raised by a single mother. Growing up he was in and out of schools and boys’ homes as a juvenile, and eventually joined the army, hoping for some direction and self-discipline. To make a long story short, Michael overcame his past and by the age of 29 “totally transformed” his life and started a successful construction company. It wasn’t until he was 38 that Kid Agains, Inc. was founded. He broke free from his past life and hopes his story can be an inspiration to others. Michael risked everything for this company because he wants to “make people happy” and do something that he loves.

Michael hopes Kid Agains Inc. will become the “Scorsese of games” and have customers asking, “What will they create next?” With 20 to 30 new games planned to launch over the next five to ten years, they are heading in the right direction. Currently, Kid Agains, Inc. has two best-selling games. Quarterback Touchdown® is an indoor/outdoor Nerf® football game with four games in one. Second, described as “next gen cornhole,” Bulzi Bucket® is another top seller. Bulzi Bucket® has three styles of play, designed perfectly to appeal to all ages and skill levels. The first of their kind, Quarterback Touchdown® and Bulzi Bucket® are great games and bring families together across America.

Kid Agains Inc. uses high quality materials to make games that last. They are known for their exceptional customer service. They have a “no questions asked” return and refund policy because they care about their customers and want to make sure they are satisfied and happy with the product. This excellent service and quality comes with a friendly wholesale price point and fast shipping. Games are sold for $32.00 with a resale value of $59.99. You are guaranteed five percent off your first order and if you purchase in quantities of 16 units you will continue to get five percent off your purchases and free shipping. Fast turn around time ensures that buyers can expect their order to be delivered within a week.

When merchandising the games, Michael suggests displaying the product to, “get your customers involved and excited.” Having the game available for use and demonstrating how it works will have shoppers crowding around your booth for a chance to play. Kid Agains Inc. hopes to be successful enough to give back and help single mothers across the country find stable homes for their families. Kid Agains Inc. has popular, groundbreaking games and a mission that makes you feel good buying from them.

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