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FreshandWipe® Air Fresheners are The Clear Choice

November 10, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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In 2012 Cooper Product was founded with the goal of creating innovative products for the automotive and technology industries. FreshandWipe® air fresheners are mass-market air fresheners that offer an innovative dual function: a popular fragrance and screen cleaner. Christopher Cooper, the founder of Cooper Product, describes the FreshandWipe® as a “microfiber cleaner for your navigation screen and a wonderful fragrance for your car’s interior.” The genesis of the idea came from the Department of Transportation safety requirement of equipping all 18 million new passenger cars with automatic breaking and a rear view camera. “In essence, if there’s a rear facing camera then there must be a screen,” says Cooper. These screens are primarily touchscreens, meaning as drivers use their navigation touchscreens they will need to wipe away fingerprints. FreshandWipe® air fresheners are the clear choice to “keep your car not only smelling good, but also clean by removing fingerprints.”

The FreshandWipe® features a variety of fragrances and is constructed of microfiber so it can be used to clean the touchscreens of cellphones, tablets, or car navigation systems. The popular fragrances last 21-30 days and the microfiber performs for 6 months. FreshandWipe® brand air fresheners are available in multiple designs and colors such as a miniature shirt, miniature sneaker/shoe, and cozy boot that resembles an UGG® boot. Cooper notes that FreshandWipe® will “soon be releasing a ‘Straight Outta’ series, featuring Straight Outta Compton, Miami, and Detroit…the locations have all been market tested and done well.” The new releases will be available just in time for the holidays. The 100% microfiber is a recommended cleaning material by all major car manufacturers for removing smudges from screens – FreshandWipe® works for every car make and model.

Cooper Product has more than a dual product; they offer a point of sale (POS) platform. They offer 18 different metal counter displays, PDQ cartons with graphics, and 12-24 position clip strips, in arrangements of 12, 24, or 48 unit packages. These POS models are available for approved wholesale accounts at The minimum order of 48 units allows buyers the flexibility to mix and match designs. 48 unit orders of FreshandWipe® air fresheners are shipped free throughout the USA. The company is also currently offering a “major closeout on current packaging” says Cooper. FreshandWipe® is designed to be sold as a high ROI impulse item at convenience stores, gas station car wash combos, and both full service and express car washes.

Offering FreshandWipe® increases sales and has the additional bonus of raising awareness of several non profit foundations including breast cancer awareness, the National Search Dog Foundation, and supports local youth programs. All year round the firm donates 25% of sales from all pink items to the national breast cancer programs.

With new designs coming soon, a dual function, and philanthropic campaigns, FreshandWipe® is a product to feel good about buying and selling.

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